Many times your failure to attract women comes down to your desire for instant gratification when it comes to women.
Instead of living your life in a way that makes you happy and is under your control, some men choose to put their power and happiness in techniques and material possessions with the sole purpose of attracting women.
When this approach works rather quickly, life is good and you consider it the greatest approach on earth.
However, when this approach fails to attract women, or at least quick enough to satisfy your desire for instant gratification, most men will find themselves in a state much worse than the state they were in when they began their search for a way to attract women instantly.
Once you get good at attracting women it might appear to those looking from the outside, and perhaps even yourself, that the results you are achieving are happening instantly.
Yet, the truth is it took you some time to get the results that you are achieving now even if you first notice the changes you made in a single instant.
Attracting women is easy when you start doing the things that truly make you happy. Even if in your mind you might believe that being with a woman will make you happy.
If being with a woman is the only thing that you believe that can make you happy, you will find yourself having difficulty attracting women and in being happy even when you are with a woman.

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