It was founded in 1881. It is located in Madison, South Dakota. Initially it was just a Madison Normal School which gave excellent training to teachers. In 1989 the legislature changed the name to Dakota State University to reflect the presence of graduate programs. Currently it offers bachelors, masters, associate and doctoral degrees in several streams. DSU has numerous minor and pre-professional programs. It has about 40 student clubs and organizations. The Trojan Times is the student newspaper of Dakota State University. It has 30 undergraduate and 3 graduate degree programs. The university’s majors are offered by The College Of Arts And Science. The university focuses on two important streams- training teachers and information technology.

It provides bachelor’s degrees in 28 fields. Some of them are education, business administration, computer science, accountancy, respiratory care, English. No bachelor’s degree is offered in liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, specific fields of natural sciences, performing arts or languages.

DSU offers numerous scholarship programs, including four prestigious awards in different and high amounts. It offers a variety of financial aid like loans, grants, commissions, scholarships, subsidies etc to the students for their convenience. The students who pass out from DSU get fabulous placements all over the world. The degrees from DSU are recognized everywhere in the world and have tremendous reputation and prestige.

Apart from numerous classes, DSU has well equipped laboratories, libraries, study rooms, music rooms, dance rooms, orchestra rooms, swimming pools, playgrounds, volleyball courts, basketball courts, eateries which provide all kinds of cuisines throughout the day, badminton courts, table tennis courts, observatories etc. It has huge, wide dormitories which are fully air-conditioned, and also have heating facilities during winter and rainy seasons. DSU also has the facilities of hostels for boys and girls separately; it has 12 hostels for girls and 18 hostels for boys. It also has the facility of giving remedial classes after the college hours to all students specially to those who are academically weak and get low grades in the exams. The most striking feature of DSU is the presence of the large park inside the college campus, so that students can take a stroll in the park whenever they feel exhausted. There are large open spaces inside the college campus so that students can move around freely and do not feel congested and suffocated.

The faculty of DSU is quite admirable, all of them have doctoral degrees in their respective fields, all of them have fabulous teaching skills and they are very much capable to hone the skills of all their students and they make the students feel at home.

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