I was on a mom’s message board posted on the Internet on a website who described themselves as a community for moms who want to know a little bit about everything but who don’t have a lot of time. Well, on their menu they had the word B****. Well, this caught my attention so I clicked on it. It turned out to be postings from a lady who called herself “Childless B****” who ranted against children and how horrible, disrespectful, and disruptive they are.

I don’t mind women posting opposing views on a subject. Freedom of speech is what our great country was founded on. In fact, this is what makes life interesting. What I took issue with was the fact that this website even used the word and used the word in its entirety. Furthermore, this site devoted so much space to this woman and seemed to be one of the more popular sections on the message board.

I was highly offended by this word’s usage on this board, let alone prominently. Would these moms who run the message board say that word in front of their children? I would hope not. So what example is this setting? Is it ok to refer to another adult, a woman, as such? Is this what we want our children to learn?

Moreover, I felt sad that this woman (or any other woman) had such low self-esteem and minimal respect of herself to call herself that. Further, this was how she was referred to on this forum. Is this what society has come to? Is this how much we have fallen? What is this world coming to?

TV uses the word all the time without bleeping it, even the networks. Was it so long ago that you couldn’t say that word, that it was taboo?

Recently, Jane Fonda made headlines for saying the word C*** on national television. Is the B word so much different? Where does society draw the line? Who decides what is acceptable?

These are questions we must consider, especially those of us who are raising the next generation. What are we teaching them? Where are the boundaries (if there are any) in today’s society? What is the effect of words and labels on other people?

I felt that these moms should be more discriminating of what they promote on their site. Running a website, you need to be responsible for its content, even if it’s not your views or beliefs. There is enough questionable material out there without moms adding to it.

Personally, I was angry. I had to immediately write this article just to vent my frustrations. I haven’t felt such anger about something in a long time. As someone who is trying to live in the present moment and accept things for what they are, I found it incredibly hard to get over my strong feelings on this matter and let it go.

I know that my kids will be more technologically savvy than I am and will use computers more in their lifetime. They will be exposed to everything in the world that I want to protect them from (pornography, sex, violence, evil, cuss words, etc) at such a young age. I am worried they will lose their innocence too soon and not get to be a carefree spirit that I was growing up. Is this type of content what they will see? Are there no morals or values anymore?

As parents, we should be outraged that such things are accepted as mainstream in our society. We, as consumers of such products, have the power to change it. Yet, coming together as one voice to stand for something is an uphill battle.

For me, my voice will be this article and maybe if others read this and agree, at least a seed will be planted for future sprouting when an appropriate time arises.

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By: Jennifer Dionne. Her website is www.loveofparenting.com, a comprehensive view of pregnancy and parenting. She is a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about helping other moms through the challenges of motherhood. She is the author of “How to Have a Baby Your Way”, which is available through her website.