How To Make The Most of Your Success Machine

I use my energy-recycling success machine often - it works like magic!

It weighs absolutely nothing, can be taken anywhere, cannot be seen by anyone else, is very simple to use and best of all - is amazingly powerful - causing you to create success automatically as a result.

Practice using your success machine first in a quiet place on your own, where you are not going to be disturbed.
Once you can use it automatically - you can use it anywhere and at anytime you choose - without anyone else knowing!

Ok - so this is what you do.

Make yourself comfortable in your quiet place and close your eyes - obviously after you have read these instructions!!!

It helps to first imagine there with you - your own special success guide - who is always ready to help and support you to create total success in every aspect of your life.

Notice your guide is carrying for you - your amazing success machine.
You may not have used this success machine before, but you will certainly be using it more and more from now on.

Notice how light and compact this perfect machine is - and how easy it is to take with you and to use anywhere and at any time you choose.

You are about to discover - that although your success machine is very easy to use - it has the most powerful effects you will ever have experienced.

The purpose of your success machine is to allow you to easily and quickly eliminate and recycle any negative or unsupportive thoughts, beliefs or feelings - into the far more powerful positive energy from which they were originally formed - so that you are in the perfect mind set to automatically attract and create success.

So - throughout your life now - you will - at all times - become aware of what you are feeling and thinking.
And - whenever you notice an uncomfortable or unsupportive feeling or thought you will simply acknowledge it's presence and then - with the help of your guide - and with much laughter and fun - pile any and all negative feelings and thoughts into the funnel at the top of your success machine.

Then - as your success machine rapidly recycles all negative energy back into its original and much more powerful positive energy state - be ready to fully enjoy the invigorating and stimulating power of all the resulting positive success energy.
This fully recycled positive energy flows out from the exit funnel at the front of the machine - back into every cell in your body - filling you to overflowing with natural positive and very powerful feelings and thoughts - in the form of love and confidence - excitement - gratitude - joy and total bliss!

So that success is automatically attracted to you in heaps!

And that's it!

As you can now understand - your success machine is amazingly simple and at the same time - phenomenally powerful.

Make sure to use it now every time you become aware of feeling anything other than positive supportive feelings - and notice how much more quickly and easily you now create success in every aspect of your life.

Have fun and enjoy your life and your success to the full now.
And let me know the results you get!

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