Nationwide Debt Settlement has long been committed to helping the public understand their options in handling debt. They have now aligned themselves with ABC15 as a community sponsor and making plans for some informational services to the Phoenix area public.

What this will involve is free local meetings to educate people on what they can do to alleviate debt anxiety which is rampant in this current economic crisis. Often people feel that the only things they can do are pay their bills, default on their bills, get credit card counseling or go bankrupt. Many have already realized that credit card counseling does not help with debts other than credit cards. Not paying your bills at all can follow you for a long time while collection agencies handle it and can even result in prosecution.

Since bankruptcy is on the rise it is apparent that many consumers are not aware that there is another viable option to bankruptcy and that is debt negotiation. The public should be aware of all their options before entering into bankruptcy that often still requires the debts to be paid off and can stay on your credit file for up to 10 years.

Once all the options are known, an informed decision can be made as to the best choice for the individual with the debts. Nationwide Debt Settlement has a great deal of information on their site at Nationwide Debt Settlement is proud to be working with ABC15 in this community.