Like many working professionals, I have to sit through a long day of working hour in our office. Until two months back, it was a nightmare for me to sit and work for such long hours as I was facing the problem of having tired legs and sometimes, swelling feet. I was not aware of the kind of easy treatment until I came across a random article on the web. The article spoke about a compression therapy used to sooth sore legs and some other similar ailments. Thanks to the Google, my curiosity to find more information on the subject brought me a number of encouraging results. My search led me to a site where there was an easy as well as wonderful solution for me - a pair of socks!

It may sound weird but it’s true. Jobst for men knee high, that looks like a normal sock and dress for men, is actually a specially designed men’s wear working for compression therapy. Compression therapy works with reliving stress on the vein by improving muscle pump function and reducing reflux. The Jobst that the site displays are designed to reinforce the heels by resisting shoe scratch. First of all, when I ordered for the Jobst, I had the idea that it would not be that comfortable to wear due to its tight gripping. But when I tried it I found it cozy and skin-friendly. The strong fibers have the power to resist wear and tear. But the Jobst is comfortable even if you wear it throughout the day with its smooth toe seam and bubble shape. The product is useful for its moisture-free and cooler feeling. Especially, hygiene conscious people will find it as a better option for the special formula that keeps fungi, bacteria and odor away.

Though I found the concept interesting on the website, I made it a point to consult my doctor before trying it out for my legs. The indication guide on the website was more useful and practical as the products are related to health. You had better believe it - using the product has created a great difference in my lifestyle.

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