It is finally time. Your contractions are starting and you are going into labour. As you await the arrival of your special baby, the pain can turn from uncomfortable to terrible. Most of this has to do with exhaustion and a lot to do with the stretching and expanding of your body and organs. Normal medication may not work and a lot of the stronger medication is harmful to the baby, so what can you do? has various options for reducing labour pains and encouraging a more bearable birth.

Tens machines have been used by many women all over the world and are aimed at reducing pain with an electronic pulse via four pads placed on the body, usually the back. Tens stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and is not harmful for the baby. It is suggested that you purchase one of these machines fairly early on to ensure that it arrives well in advance.

Another product that you can purchase from is a birthing ball. While this may seem like it cannot possibly reduce pain, it can in the sense that it sets you up in a more comfortable position to experience your contractions. The best way to have the least painful contractions is not on your back as most movies show us, but it is to lean forward over an item like a birthing ball. You can also lean over a chair that has been turned around, but for some women, their bump gets in the way. The birthing ball can also allow you some movement which may be soothing for both mom and baby. Apart from being more comfortable for giving birth, the ball can also be used after you have the baby for exercising and getting those abdominal muscles back into shape. It is the perfect two in one combination.

At we have everything that you need from the time you want to become pregnant to the time after your precious bundle of joy is born. We offer the best in products and advice through a large range of interesting and educational books. These books will help you with any aspect of birth and pregnancy that you could want including reducing labour pains, which is most women's worry. Now you don't have to worry any longer. With you can learn all the best ways to get through your labour mostly pain free.

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