Knowing how our digestive system works, it is not surprising that all diseases tend to nest in the intestines. Ideally, our blood should be getting all the nutrients from the foods we eat through intestinal walls. However, over time the intestines and their walls become clogged with waste and lose their ability to function properly, after which begins the slow process of the body’s self-poisoning. That is why colon-cleansing should be the first step in the cleansing process.

Lemon cleansing is one of the easiest and most effective methods of colon-cleansing. Lemons are natural solvents and restorers. Lemons can easily dissolve and remove waste from all the organs of the body and at the same time can bring in vitamins, destroy microbes and viruses and improve the work of all the organs in the body. To keep the digestive tract in good shape, it is advisable to drink a mix of lemon, orange and grapefruit juices.

Cleansing by clay:This method may seem somewhat strange, however, it is effective enough and practically has no side-effects. The clay that is used should be pure and should not contain any amounts of sand. In one glass of warm water, dissolve half a teaspoon of clay powder. Drink that mix twice a day-in the morning before breakfast and at night. Continue for at least one week. Clay has the ability to absorb toxins and waste and remove them from the body, leaving the good stuff like microelements in. Often an intensive body cleansing can bring out old chronic diseases. There is no need to be frightened by it; it is just a temporary condition. Usually the state of health improves in a few days, and if everything is all right then colon-cleansing by clay can be done for up to a month. The quantity of clay should be slowly increased up to 1 table spoon on the third week and up to 2-3 table spoons on the fourth week.

Colon-cleansing diet using plain yogurt and apples:This process lasts 4 days.

Day one: take mild laxative the previous evening. During the day don’t eat anything except for plain yogurt(kefir)-1 glass every hour. The full intake must be between one and a half and 3 liters. If you feel weak and uncomfortable you can drink a glass of hot tea with honey. Day two:take laxative the previous evening and during the day drink only apple juice. Ideally, the juice should be freshly made. However, if you buy juice at a store it should not contain sugar or preservatives. Drink 1 glass of juice every 2 hours. Around 5 pm drink tea with honey and eat some crackers. Don’t eat anything more till the next day. Day 3:at breakfast, lunch and dinner eat any kinds of vegetables you want but without the oil. Don’t drink anything, only carrot and apple juices. Day 4 is the same as day 3 but you can add oil to your vegetables. During the following 4 days please keep the quantity of food you eat moderate. This method of colon-cleansing can be used once a month on a regular basis.

For this remedy you will need an aloe plant which is at least 3 years old, honey and natural red wine. Take 200 g of the bottom leaves of an aloe plant which was not watered for 2 weeks prior, crush them in the food processor and mix with 200 g of honey. Heat the mix on a boiling water bath up to 50 degrees and add one glass of wine. Remove from the heat and keep in a dark place for a week, stirring daily. Take the remedy 3 times a day 1 hour before your meals. During the first week take 1 teaspoon and in the second week take 1 tablespoon.

Fry 3-4 tablespoons of buckwheat slightly on a frying pan and place it in a thermos and add 10 tablespoons of boiling water-do not add salt. Keep the buckwheat mix in the thermos for 8 hours. After that the remedy is ready and you should eat it instead of your breakfast. The time needed for colon-cleansing fluctuates from one week up to one and a half months.

Rinse 1 glass of oats, add it to 1L of warm boiled water and let it stand for 10 hours. Then, cook the oats at low heat for 30 minutes. Remove them from the heat and wrap them up to keep warm and let stand for 12 hours. After that, filter the mix and add enough water to make 1L. Take half a glass 3 times a day 30 minutes before every meal for a month. 1-2 tbsp of dog rose sirup mix with 6-10 drops of lemon juice in a cup of boiling water. Let the mix cool down and drink. In 1 cup of boiling water mix 1 tbsp of honey and 10 drops of grapefruit (or 6-7 drops of lemon)juice. Drink in the morning.

In 1 1/2 L of cold boiled water dissolve 1 1/2 tsp of salt and juice from 1 lemon. Drink it during 40 min in the morning before breakfast. Repeat the process of colon-cleansing the next day.

The water in which potatoes were cooked is a good colon-cleanser.

Every morning 30 min before breakfast slowly drink one cup of very hot water. Use the spoon not to burn yourself. This simple remedy has wonderful colon-cleansing effect, and if taken for at least 6 months, is known to cure chronic constipation. Better results can be achieved by adding juice of 1 lemon to the water. This mix is very good for the liver.

1 cup of flax seeds crush in blender, add 500 g of honey and 500 g of melted butter. Mix well and take 1 tbsp 3 times a day 30 min before meal.

Combine: 1 part of walnut leaves; 2 parts of marigold grass, nettle flowers, yarrow flowers and black currant leaves; 3 parts of burdock roots and wild strawberry leaves and 4 parts of pansy. 6 tbsp of the mix put in 2 L of boiling water and boil for 10 min at low heat. Let the infusion cool down, strain and drink 1/3 cup every 30 min during the day for 1 week. Repeat the treatment after 2 weeks break.

Mix equal parts of St. John’s wort herb, flax seeds, fennel seeds and chamomiles flowers. Put 1 table spoon of the mix in 1 glass of boiled water and steep under a cover for 1 hour. Filter and take half a glass 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.

Stomach and pancreas cleansing:Good results can be reached using fruit and vegetable juices. Carrot juice-take 2-3 glasses during the day; sea buckthorn juice-1 glass 3 times a day 1 hour before meal; pineapple juice-1 glass 2 times a day 30 minutes before meal. Cabbage and potato juices also bring good results. Drink half a cup of cabbage juice 3 times a day for 3 weeks. A word of caution: cabbage juice causes excess gas. Therefore it is better to mix cabbage juice with other juices, for example carrot juice. Drink half a glass of potato juice 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner for one week. Take a break for a week and repeat cleansing for one more week.

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