Does your character just happen? Or is it purposeful? Do you have any control over it? Or is it innate, already inside you?

Think about the people of high character you admire—did they purposefully build their character?

Our life experience tells us that character is purposefully built.

Each of us arrives on this earth with individual attributes and endowments. Yet the formulation and creation of our true character is really up to us.

We make the choice, and with perseverance we become the choice.

We become the choices that we make!
This book contains suggestions on how to build your personal character. It outlines some straightforward practical steps you can take to improve in this area.

We will share with you a few characteristics that will help to gather the best characteristics, but this book is not about what characteristics you must have.

The choice must be yours.

You must choose your own characteristics.

By this stage in life you already have generated a character with different dimensions. You might say you already are a character. But you can make it even better! There is always room to improve.

Wherever you are right now, you can make it even better!

There are nine simple steps you can take to build your character and take your life to the next level. Here is the first:

Meditate and Evaluate
Reflect upon your life. Take an inventory of who you are and who you have become. Think about how other people respond to you. Consider what you do that causes them to respond to you that way.

Are you comfortable with the quality of those interactions? Do you want to improve? If so, what is missing that you need to add, or what do you need to change?

Write down your thoughts. Get the thoughts outside you so you can look at them and evaluate them.

Think about who you have become.

Make a list of the positive qualities and characteristics you have. Make a list of the qualities you would like to get rid of, change, or improve.

What’s great? What needs to improve?

You may even consider having a dialog with other people who know you well. Solicit their suggestions for improvement. Think about what they say. Add their feedback to your list of desired attributes and characteristics.

Imagine the self you would like to become. Vividly see it in your mind. Think about the qualities you will need to have in order to become that person. Write them down.

Write down the qualities of the person you want to become.

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