#1 rule

If you want to succeed as an info-product developer,
the first and most important rule is, define your
target market before you define the product.

Marketing plan comes first

For example, if I know my target market are those
people who want to know more about their cats, it
makes it relatively easy for me to come up with
the perfect info-product for them.

I can tailor the product to meet their exact wants
and desires, package it in a manner that suits them
best, and price it in a range that meets their
'comfort zone'. And I can work out a marketing plan
- before I create the info-product - and then tailor
the product to fit the marketing plan and the customer.

Real winner

Creating info-products after defining the target market
significantly increases the chances of coming up with a
real winner, and reduces the chances of developing a
product no one wants.


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