Every child is unique and so is their learning behavior. In order to enable faster and more effective learning, companies have come up with various interactive learning toys for kids. These toys make the learning experience enjoyable for your kids and keep them busy as well. Learning toys are available in various shapes and sizes to fit the different learning objectives of your child. Also, the bright colors of the toys attract children to them and hold their interest more and more. Apart from effective learning, these toys help in the overall individual growth of children.

Learning toys for the newborn: Specially designed learning toys are very useful for newborn infants. They help to stimulate their basic senses of touch, hearing etc. Such toys help first-time parents to entertain their kids in a positive manner and watch them develop quickly. A good example of a learning toy for a newborn infant would be soft, colorful balls that enhance coordination between hand and eye.

Learning toys for toddlers: This is the time when your kid grows intellectually. And all you need to do to support this phase is provide innovative learning toys. To help build creativity in your bundle of joy, you can get bring attractive blocks or give him clay, crayons and paper with which to show off his artistic talent. You might even try chalk and chalkboards.

Learning toys for the special child: There are overly sensitive children who suffer from conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder. Learning toys to soothe such children are also available in the market. Puppets or action figures with costumes help such children engage in pretend play. They change characters and don’t feel a lack of attention. Play acting makes them imaginative and puppet shows help them have fun while changing voices as they play different characters. To make your child happier you can record the pretend play performance and watch the replay at your leisure along with him.

Apart from these, educational books, CDs, and other toys that teach numbers, the alphabet, and names of animals and fruits are also available.

However, while choosing learning toys for children, parents need to exercise caution. The following things should be kept in mind when purchasing toys:

• The toy should be in keeping with the age of your child and the age group for which it is designed.

• The toy should provide healthy activity to your child without frustrating or annoying him.

• It is important to ensure that the toy is safe, non-toxic and hygienic for the baby, and that your toddler’s health is not at risk when he is having fun with his toys.

• The toys should be attractive enough to interest your baby even when he is cranky or upset.

No matter which toy you choose, remember, learning toys are meant to entertain and educate your baby and not to disturb him/her in any way.

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