You aren’t going to wake up one morning and magically have people clamoring to work with you unless you’ve done the things you need to do to make that happen. But few salespeople have a clue how to get qualified leads contacting them, and they aren’t going to learn overnight. If you need more business, start by putting yourself either physically or remotely in places where opportunities can occur.

The first question to ask yourself is, “where do the people I want to meet hang out”? People of like minds gather in places with other people of like minds or interests. When you’ve figured out where those places are start consistently showing up in those same places, and make friends before you ever try to convert those connections into an appointment.

You can’t be everywhere at once and sometimes being everywhere locally still isn’t enough to earn a living. That’s where your remote presence comes into play. You can make a remote connection to strangers through: marketing, public relations, and referrals. Once you make the remote stranger connection you have to develop a follow-up system for converting strangers into appointments.

But you’ll find it extremely difficult to drum up business either in person or remotely if you don’t have a specific group of people in mind that you want to attract. You won’t know where to go physically or who to reach out to remotely if you haven’t clearly identified a specific group or groups of people that are highly likely to want to work with you. Notice I said “want to work with you” rather than “people you want to work with”. Your sales will dramatically increase if you just focus on the people that want what you have.

Just because you want to attract them doesn’t mean they want to pay attention to you. To get them to want to pay attention to you you’ll need to be able to communicate to them that you have something of interest to them based on what you know they want. When you want something whatever that may be, getting it is important to you and when you receive communications about that you pay attention especially when that communication helps you to learn something you may not have known or avoid something you might not even know to avoid. The best way to drum up business is to get yourself or your message in front of the right people communicating about what they want providing a good reason for them to reach out to you.

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