1. Why am I so rich?
2. How am I so rich?
3. How did I get so rich?
4. How can I be even richer?
5. What is it like being so rich?
6. What makes me so rich?
7. What can make me even richer?

Honestly, I don’t know. Getting rich depends on any number of factors. Asking questions or changing your mindset is not the sole determining factor of your future wealth. Action must be the next logical step.

Which is why the above set of questions have that ‘perfect’ combination of both ‘thinking as if you already have what you want’ and ‘being biased towards action’.

Of course, the 7 questions above are too general and simplistic. But let’s look at each one and its specific purpose.

1. Why am I so rich?

You have to be a little open-minded when you ask this question, especially if you’re not exactly cash-rich. Thankfully for many people, cash is not the only measure of wealth. You can be rich in other ways - rich with ideas, rich with love, rich with compassion, rich with vitality, rich with life, rich with joy, ad infinitum.

But even if you are in a financially challenging circumstance and your mindset is naturally on ’survival’ rather than ‘wishful and positive’ mode, asking this question can start to get your mind to think in a different, possibly more empowering way.

Try it!

Try asking this question as opposed to simply stating, “I am rich”.

2. How am I so rich?

This question is designed to get your ‘reticular activating system’ (the 3 favourite words of any Tony Robbins fan) - the part of your brain that searches out things in your environment that matches or corresponds to what you are focusing on in your mind - to pick and choose those things in your life that can somehow reinforce the idea or notion that you really are rich - in your own unique way.

3. How did I get so rich?

How did you get this way? How exactly did you end up being wherever you are right now? Were there any positive habits or empowering behaviours that you were engaged in - either consciously or unconsciously - that led you to this place in your life?

Or if you feel that your current place in life is not really as desirable as you would like it to be, then, first focus only on those things or factors in your life that are desirable to you. What are you grateful for? What can you be appreciative for?

Once you’ve found what you can be grateful for, ask yourself - how did you get this way? What exactly did you do, or what path have you tread that led you to what you are now grateful for?

4. How can I be even richer?

Now this is where you graduate from being grateful for everything that you can be grateful for in this moment, to doing that which will take you to even more things that you can be even more grateful for.

The motive of these questions is to get the most suitable answers for you, but these answers may not come immediately, and any answers that may come initially may not be the most perfect ones for you. This is why you should never stop asking these empowering questions.

5. What is it like being so rich?

Here you get yourself to appreciate the joy, exhilaration, freedom or whatever emotions you enjoy feeling as you live the experience of being rich - either now (if you already are rich) or in your ideal future (if you are moving towards it).

6. What makes me so rich?
How to Be Wealthy by Asking Questions

This question may seem similar to questions 2 (How am I so rich?) and 3 (How did I get so rich?). But use this question to identify the external factors or opportunities that you had capitalised on to get to where you are now.

7. What can make me even richer?

What strengths do you have, or opportunities are you faced with, that can potentially lead you to creating more wealth in your life? What weaknesses do you have, or threats do you see, that you can somehow capitalise on to do the same?

These questions need not be limited to the purpose of getting rich only, the 7 questions can be applied to almost anything you want to change in your life. Here’s an example -

Let’s say you want to get luckier. The 7 questions to ask yourself to get luckier are -

1. Why am I so lucky?
2. How am I so lucky?
3. How did I get so lucky?
4. How can I get even luckier?
5. What is it like being so lucky?
6. What makes me so lucky?
7. What can make me even luckier?

Or let’s say you want to be more confident and attractive. The questions might be -

1. Why are people so easily attracted to me? Is it my confidence?
2. How am I so attractive and confident?
3. How did I get so confident and attractive?
4. How can I get even more confident and attractive?
5. What is it like being so confident and attractive, and having people easily attracted to me?
6. What makes me so confident and attractive?
7. What can make me even more confident and attractive?

You can use the template of the above 7 questions to alter any perception or perspective you hold of yourself!

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