Have you heard the cliché ‘what do you do when you don’t know what to do’? Difficulty is prevailing. Malady has become predominant. Life just continues to appear oh so calamitous. You can’t stay where you are.Things just can’t remain the same. A transition must take place, somewhere, somehow. Which way do you turn? Which avenue do you choose? Are you really in this alone? Defenseless, with no way out?

A Miracle story by Lorene Hall.

Have you also heard of the cliché, ‘been there, done that’? Well, I have experienced these hardships. I am all too familiar with life’s adversities. At the age of 16, life threw so much my way until I even considered suicide as an alternative. My steps in life are ordered and so are yours.

Predestination in life – God the Almighty Personified

I was destined for a Miracle. My son was given 5hrs to live 41yrs ago. He developedHydrocephaly (water head baby) shortly after birth. Hydrocephalus is defined as water on the brain and refers to an excessive build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in and around the brain. This particular fluid has a cushioning effect and so helps to protect the vital brain tissue from injury. In young children, whose skull bones have not joined together, the increased pressure forces the bones apart and the head starts to increase in size.

My dilemma is subdued – There is a ‘Nevertheless’

My son is now 41yrs of age and has no problem with this dreaded illness. The very ramification of being hydrocephalic can be overwhelming. This is the exact time when family and friends come in to be instrumental in the welfare of those affected. My son developed this dreaded disease shortly after birth. Our families came together to be very supportive, including hospital staff; there were eight other children that had this disease at the time my son was diagnosed, but neither of them lived. Only my son lived. He was healed of this malady. My Church went into three days and nights of fasting for my son.
God gave me a Mother’s Miracle.

From transition to choices I have come. My transformation came when I became converted and accepted the Lord as my personal
Savior. Life was no longer dismal. I realized I was no longer in this life alone to facelife’s adversities all by myself. I am not defenseless. I choose to involve my heavenly Father in all that affects me. He will bring you out every time. We are his Creation. When tragedy strikes our God does have a responsibility. In the Word of God, he says, 'I’ll never leave you nor forsake you’. We have to take Him at his Word and ‘believe’ him.

Author's Bio: 

Lorene Hall is author of her first book, “Hallelujah! It’s A Mother’s Miracle”. This Book is about her oldest son who was given 5hrs. to live 39yrs. ago. He developed a dreaded illness called hydrocephaly, which is water on the brain. The book goes onto give a chronological yet miraculous story of him as he is healed of this malady. Her website is http://lorenehall.org.

As a writer, Lorene Hall demonstrates a passion for expressing and demonstrating how God does encourage us in how a life of despair can lead to a life of triumph. With
conviction and thoroughness of heart, she writes from life’s expediency.

She is also an Evangelist of C.O.G.I.C. faith delivering the Word of God in most east coast states as New York, Washington, D. C., Maryland, Virginia and Georgia. Lorene Hall is the mother of seven children and the grandmother of seven
grandchildren, and the wife of one husband, Elihu Hall retired United States Navy and Minister of the Gospel.