If you are familiar with the concepts of feng shui, then you know that purchasing a house that is located at a T-junction (where one road passes in front of your house, and another road dead ends into it directly in front of your house), or at the end of a cul-de-sac, can present particular problems from a feng shui standpoint.

If your home is at a T-junction, then you will likely have a rush of chaotic energy directed at your home. This can create a very difficult living space, because it interferes with the positive energy that you are trying to create within your home. Every time you open the door to your house, you will be letting in a rush of chaotic, negative energy.

Conversely, if your home is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, you will find that the energy in that area is very stagnant, because there is really nowhere for it to go. So it can be very hard to invite new people and new opportunities into your home, since the energy directly in front of your home is stagnant and motionless.

There are a few ways that you can deal with this using the principles of feng shui. If you have a rush of energy bombarding your home because your home is located at a T-junction, you can place a bagua mirror above your front door to deflect the chaotic energy. You can also plant trees or bushes at the end of your driveway to help shield your home against this energy. If you enjoy statuary, you can also play statues in front of your home that are protective – Buddha, Kwan Yin, dragon, and lion statues all work well for this.

If the energy around your home is stagnant because it is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, you can help to change this by installing water features near the front door of your home. When you do this, make sure that they are features that contain moving water, such as fountains or waterfalls. If it is not practical to use water features in front of your home, you can also use landscaping elements that represent flowing water, such as flags, wind chimes, or other freely moving objects.

Having a home located at a T-junction or cul-de-sac can seem like a significant challenge to many people, especially if they do not know why the energy around our home is not harmonious. However, by using the steps that we have discussed in this article, you can easily create a harmonious space within your home, regardless of where your home is located.

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