It takes some will power to fight against procrastination and low ambition. Each one of us has what it takes to finally do things we have dreamt or talked about for ages. When you listen to your internal dialog, are you having encouraging conversations with yourself or are you still listening to the voice that says, "Put it off until tomorrow. You have your whole life ahead of you- no rush."? Do you find yourself motivated to try new things? To accomplish things you may have been putting off?

Anything is possible with the right intention and a firm support network. How strong is your support network?

"It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but
rather those mutually supportive alliances through which (we)
recognize (our) dependence on each other for the achievement
of shared and private goals." Fred Allen

If you aren't sure about the health of your support network, or if you don't know who you include in that network, take a moment to think.

Support is defined as," giving aid, providing encouragement, prevent from falling or slipping". There are many ways others can support you and vice versa. You may have people around you that are very supportive of your ideas and are eager to receive your suggestions. Others may give advice or offer resources to aid you in financial security. Still others may inspire you to dream, to stretch and to accomplish more in your lifetime.

A strong support network should include supporters that are genuinely motivated towards your success, that give support unconditionally and are honest when asked for advice, opinions or feedback. They should have no hidden agenda nor should they be attached to a specific outcome.

"If you're not leaning, no-one will ever let you down." Dr.
Robert Anthony

No matter what you accomplish in life, there is always someone else involved. That's not to say that your accomplishments are not your own. It means that we all need each other in order to be the best that we can be.

"The key is to only keep company with people who uplift you,
whose presence calls forth your best." Epictetus

We all have a network of people that have supported us through ups and downs in our lives. Successful people like Donald Trump, Stephen Covey,David Riklan,Jack Canfield and Bill Gates are very conscious of the people they surround themselves with. In order for them to remain successful, they have to surround themselves with people that know more than they do about things each of them has a weakness in. They are not weak; they, like the rest of us, have areas of their lives and businesses in which they could improve.

"If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this
forever. Is that good news?" Dr. Robert Anthony

I believe that you truly want to step it up a notch. You are not willing to stand still and take only what comes to you. You are achievers with a vision. Maybe you are waiting at the dock for your ship to come in, but are slow to realize that you are there to swim to the ship!

Now is the time to realize that in order for you to find what you're looking for, you have to know what that is! Check out Conversation Tag from the July 2004 issue of Cultivating The Seeds Of Change Newsletter. Play it with the intention of finding someone with more knowledge than you in an area of interest.

"Seek mentors who have done what you desire to do. Seek
mentors who have become what you desire to be." Randy Gage

Do you want to know more about investing? Start by talking to people that have learned how to invest. Instead of looking for someone to TELL you how to do it, find someone that can tell you how and what they learned. Ask them who they talk to, learn from. Get familiar with terminology and find resources.

Need support in changing careers? Talk to people that have already successfully changed careers at least twice. These are people that have knowledge about how to do it successfully.

Next, formulate goals. Talk them through with your mentors. They can give you insight they have gained while they went through the same process. This is more valuable than advice.

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Renee is a Mindset Coach who provides experiential programs for adults both young and old which engage them in the process of living outside the box. Her passion is to coach open minds towards defining, reaching and sustaining a successful life through leveraging change. Cultivating Change, LLC is dedicated to empowering others to create opportunity within the face of change. Visit to receive a free subscription to her newsletter,Cultivating the Seeds of Change.