Were you aware that radio interviews can catapult you to stardom as an expert or author? In fact, authors Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, as part of their marketing plan for the Chicken Soup for the Soul label, made one radio appearance a day. It worked so well that today they are two of the most successful authors of our time! They are proof of how radio can help you become super successful in your field as an author, doctor, practitioner, health expert, financial expert or any of the other fields that are popular in the media today.

Getting exposure for your business, book or practice through radio interviews is one excellent way to find explosive growth fast. In fact, you may find yourself on a major show talking to millions of people within days of doing a radio campaign.

Today, there are radio shows dedicated to health, spirituality, personal growth, wealth management, politics and almost anything imaginable. If you want to have your fifteen minutes of fame, booking yourself on the radio is one way to do so and at the same time direct traffic to your website.

Radio lists can be purchased, and with a simple press release, you can contact radio hosts and producers to book yourself on shows and get the promotion you need to move your business or brand to major exposure. Lifedreams Communications, has been providing services to entrepreneurs and authors for over 20 years, using radio as one of the key elements of the media campaigns.

Many of the spokespersons you know have become that way through exposure on radio and through using great radio lists such as the one available on the Lifedreams website. Brand yourself by becoming a spokesperson for a product, book, business or idea and you could soon be the next big name in the media.

Author's Bio: 

Darlene Montgomery is an author, dream expert and publicist for over 20 years. She speaks to groups and organizations about spiritually uplifting topics when she isn’t assisting others in getting their brand or book on the radio. Visit lifedreams.org to learn more about radio lists, or email Lifedreams@idirect.com.