Pleasure Points

Acupressure releases muscle tension and eliminates the toxins held in muscle tissue, enabling energy and blood to flow freely. As blood circulation increases, oxygen and other nutrients can nourish more areas of the body, naturally heightening your sensuality. Many of the same points that are therapeutic can also be used erotically. The Pleasure Point practices below are excellent erotic warm-ups for lengthy lovemaking.

Time for Exercise: 30 minutes to one hour

Properties Required: each other

How to apply pressure to the points:

  • Use your fingertips to push straight down on the spot.
  • Start softly and very gradually increase the pressure.
  • Ask your partner to let you know when the pressure is right.
  • Maintain the pressure for a minimum of one full minute, longer on spots your lover particularly enjoys.
  • Most important is to focus fully on what you are doing and to send love through your touch.


Pleasure Points for Women
She lies on her back. Work your way slowly and tantalizingly up her body with light, gentle caresses as you move from point to point.

  1. Big toes, at the base of the nail, on the outer and inner corners—massage her feet first, then gently press these points.
  2. The groin creases, where her thighs join the trunk of her body—put the heels of your palms in these creases and, with your fingertips lightly on her belly, slowly lean your weight forward.
  3. Nipples—roll them in your fingers, gradually increasing speed and pressure, then suck them.
  4. Sides of neck—gently nibble and suck on these highly erotic spots.
  5. Sacrum (indentations at the base of her spine)—slide your hands under her body and, pressing into these spots with curved fingers, let her weight provide the pressure.
  6. Belly, one to two inches below her navel and above the pubic bone—apply gentle pressure here with the palm of one hand as you begin to tickle her clitoris with the fingers of the other.

Pleasure Points for Men

He lies on his back. Use long, firm strokes on his flesh as you move from point to point.

  1. Sacrum—straddle him and place your fingertips in the indentations at the base of his spine, allowing his weight to provide the pressure. This triggers nerves that reach into the genitals.
  2. Belly—press your fingertips in a downward pointing straight line starting one to two inches below his navel and ending just above the pubic bone. Breathe in harmony together.
  3. Pubic bone—place the heels of your hands on the pubic bone, fingertips on his belly, gradually lean your weight onto him. Encourage him to rock his pelvis as you press.
  4. Groin creases, where his thighs join the trunk of his body—put the heels of your palms in these creases and, with your fingertips lightly on his belly, slowly lean your weight forward.
  5. Inner thighs—slowly and firmly stroke his inner thighs from about halfway up his thigh all the way to the groin crease.
  6. Perineum, between his testicles and his anus—with one hand gently push the tips of your fingers against his perineum at about the halfway point, slightly more towards the anus. With the other hand lightly stroke his penis.
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