There is a distinct pleasure in getting to say, “I am my own boss.” There is no one else to tell you what to do, when to do it, or how. Being a small business owner or solo entrepreneur, you get to call all the shots. All this power can cause you to puff out your chest, stand tall and proud, excited by having so much control.

However, you are not only your own boss, you are also your own employee. Both perspectives need to be taken into consideration in order to create a prospering and enjoyable work environment. Yes, I am suggesting separating yourself into two different people to see if they are respecting and taking care of each other.

Today, let’s look at the situation from the employee’s perspective. Take a moment to think about what qualities your ideal boss would have. It may be clearly defining your responsibilities, not overloading you with too much work, paying you what your worth, offering encouraging feedback when you do something well, providing affordable health insurance for your entire family. Think about what you would really love to have in a boss. Write out a list.

Now, take a step back and look at your boss self as an employee. Does your boss respect your time with a well organized schedule, or does your boss throw last minute assignments at you that eat into your personal life? Does your boss acknowledge when you do a great job, or does he pick at every little mistake you make? Does your boss provide enough pay and insurance to make you feel secure, or are you last on the list of business expenses?

What kind of boss are you? How well do you compare to your ideal boss? If there is a huge difference between where you are and your ideal, don’t get discouraged. You’ve taken the first step in looking at the reality of what needs to be put into place to create a work environment that is right for you. Starting your own business is challenging on so many levels. Learning the best ways to organize and set up systems that work for you take time.

So, take a look at where your boss is letting you down and choose one specific area that would make a big difference with you as an employee. Perhaps it’s a need for a more structured schedule, more positive feedback, or a raise in pay. This week, sit down with your boss and see if the two of you can’t find a simple way to make improvements that will benefit both of you; look for the win-win. I bet the two of you can come up with something that takes everyone’s needs into consideration.

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Jessica Sabatini is an avid speaker and trainer as well as a Certified Results Coach. Through her work at The Complete Business, she helps business owners assess their specific needs as far as marketing, planning, financing, and the life/work balance, discover the options available, then choose the best solutions for you. Find out more and hear about exciting upcoming events at