When your stomach begins to grow you may feel uncomfortable and maybe even sore, especially in our lower back area. This is common in most pregnant women and can be tiring as well as annoying. This is why at ebaymaternity.co.uk, we sell maternity belts and girdles to prevent back ache during pregnancy. These belts usually fit under your bump and around your waist to lift and support the baby. Your special, precious baby is undoubtedly cute, but he or she is very heavy, especially when you cannot put it down.

For the last trimester, the belt would be a wonderful item to have and wear everyday. It will not only stop your back pain, but it will also help to lessen the amounts of stretch marks that will suddenly appear. There are also certain types of belts that fit around the top of your belly as well as the side to give you even better support. These can be vital for a woman carrying twins or triplets, as the skin and ligaments will stretch to a larger extent. The pain that you are feeling when you are pregnant is the baby pushing on various organs and muscles in your body. Gravity plays its part in this, and soon the extra 2 or 3 kilograms that you are carrying around feels like 10.

By choosing one of the maternity support belts on ebaymaterntiy.co.uk, you will also be helping your body to heal after you give birth. You will have placed less strain on the joints and ligaments in your legs and feet and you will recover much quicker. If you want to get your flat stomach back after giving birth, we also stock a girdle belt which you should wear for a few weeks after you give birth. This will make the stretched skin and muscle fall back into place and sit where it always was sitting. It can be hard to lose the pregnancy weight though due to the large amounts of tissue around the stomach area. A belt worn during your pregnancy will also help in this department as the stomach has not been pushed to such as extent that it cannot recover.

If you want to stop the hours of agony that you experience with back pain and have a good night's sleep, then go to ebaymaternity.co.uk to find the best support belt for you. There are different sizes that you can choose from to fit your bump perfectly and give you the ultimate support.

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