This month we’ll continue our discussion of goal setting. So far we’ve touched on how to distinguish between ego and Authentic Desires, and we discussed the importance of releasing attachment to outcome. Today let’s talk about vibrational goal setting.

Visualization is a powerful tool for goal setting and many personal development books suggest its use. The problem with visualization, however, is that if you focus too much on the particular form you visualize, you might engage your ego (which could sabotage the realization of your goal). Alternatively, you might achieve your goal but feel dissatisfied because you were focused on the outer form rather than the vibrational essence of your desire. Or you might not recognize the answer to your Authentic Desire when it appears, because it looks different than the form you’d envisioned.

So how do you get around all these difficulties? Vibrational Goal Setting™. Vibrational Goal Setting allows you to sense beneath the surface of your desires and touch the essential energy giving rise to your goals. It offers you a whole universe of possibilities because it keeps you connected to the Source that gives rise to your Authentic Desires. It gives you the power to easily expand your goals as you grow and change. It allows you to recognize the answer to your prayers when they show up wearing a different (usually bigger and more exciting) form than you’d imagined.

Here’s an example of Vibrational Goal Setting. Let’s say you want to a new job. You’ve read about an opening that suits your skills. Instead of visualizing yourself getting that particular job, consider what it is about the job that appeals to you. Flexibility? More money? New responsibilities? The intangible qualities you’re seeking might be Freedom. Abundance. Security. Learning. Leading. Adventure. The same job might hold different intangible, or vibrational, appeal, to different people. You’d then ask yourself: Do I really even want this particular job? Or is that all I’ve let myself imagine? Your homework would be to spend some time each day meditating on the vibrational qualities you desire. Notice where they are already present in your life and give thanks. Become familiar with the feelings you experience when you notice those qualities. Keep bringing your focus back there. Your answer may come in the form you initially imagined, or in some other way. The more time you spend immersed in those vibrational experiences, the faster you will bring them into form.

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