I am not here to talk about myself but I feel that it is important to give you some information about my background to help you understand what makes me tick. See, a very important lesson I learned early on was that if you want to influence someone you need to appreciate, respect and understand their world first. What's influencing them in other words. If you attempt to influence others without appreciating, respecting and understanding their world you will have limited success. Why would you sell ice to eskimos when all they really want is warm blankets? Consider listening carefully and building rapport before attempting to influence someone. A big mistake people often make in life, business, relationships etc is attempting to offer a solution before doing steps 1 and 2.

Last week I discussed that I started lifting weights when I was teenager and loved the feeling it gave me. I have since taken this feeling and passed it onto thousands of others. What started out as hobby has become an obession to help others experience that feeling too. Not necessarily to my level but tailored to suit the individual or group. Throughout my 20's (I am sounding old now!) I spent many hours in various gyms talking to and observing others while they trained. I listened carefully, built rapport and asked them 'great' questions about their training. What worked and what didn't? Was there a better way? As a result I came up with 'great' answers that I have sinced used and passed on.

Almost everywhere I go now I am asked questions about weightloss, building muscle, getting fitter, how to stay motivated etc. and it's great to be in a position to help out where I can.

Next week I will talk some more about how I got started in the fitness industry and why I did it.


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Nathan is passionate about helping people transform the quality of their lives. Since 2001 he has helped thousand’s of people transform the quality of their lives in the area of health and fi tness. His Personal Training business has expanded to help people transform not only the physical aspects but also the emotional areas of their lives. He believes all positive and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out to help create a new reality. He gives people the tools to not only decide what it is they want out of life but also how they can follow through and make it happen.