Do you feel as you get older that you are responsible for your children’s wrong choices they make while they are with you growing up?

Is the answer you give a logical or an emotional answer for knowing where the answer comes from can make a difference in you holding feelings of guilt about the rearing of your child?

Are you over protecting your children

Do you fine yourself overprotecting your children but feel most of the time if you do not that they will get hurt, knowing that you could of done something about it and did not.

You maybe holding them back from making mistakes and learning from it because of your own pain that you have not heal from the pass as a child.

Are you confused with your children behavior

You may think that you teach your children a certain way and hope that they will follow with your learning only to see that they are doing things that is against what you thought you have taught them.

You may find yourself confuse by their behaviour because it is going against your way and some of your ways may be right and others may not be right for them if you have not heal your wounds of the pass and brought it into their lives.

Are you over passing your boundaries

When you over pass your boundaries because of your fears or your mix messages that you give to your children you cheat them of becoming the person they are meant to be.

Is fear ruling your decisions?

When fear rules your decision you stop yourself from being the person you can be because your focus is on failure and not on success, you look at the outcome as things going wrong.

When do you stop creating guilt

When do you stop creating guilt with your children for fear that they may do the wrong thing or they may blame you because they get in trouble with the law?

You are not alone for many parents have sleepless nights worrying about their children and their behaviours for when they were with them they were not taught those ways and to see their children grow up and have difficulties and this is difficult for many parents.

Are you congruent

When you are not congruent you are sending mix messages to your children and it is hard for them to know how to deal with you or their choices they make now in life.

You do the best you can most of the time in the interest of your children, yes you make mistakes and sometimes you learn from them and others you carry with you as guilt.

Take the time to have compassion and understanding and know that with what you have learn later in life if you were to do it over you would do better and accept you are on a journey of discovery with your children and forgive yourself for not being perfect at all times to your children.

Conclusion: Do you feel you are you responsible for your children wrong choices is holding you as a prisoner to guilt and is not allow you or your children to heal and move on.

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