Is there anything more delicious, more enticing, more enigmatic than that feeling of being in love?

When you feel giddy with excitement over the prospect of seeing him?

When you feel inspired to create new and wonderful things in your life because he makes you feel like you can accomplish anything?

I am 48 years old, and truthfully, when I got divorced from my husband, I wasn’t sure I would ever feel that kind of passionate intensity for a man again.

I was wrong. Not only do I feel it, it’s even more amazing this time because I know how to appreciate it. Twenty years ago, I didn’t know how.

You know that magical feeling you have with someone when your first kiss is so completely intoxicating, so completely encompassing, that time seems to stand still… an hour later it seems as if only minutes have passed… the obliviousness of new love… when that person in front of you is all that exists in the world.

A client asked me recently, how did I manage to create this in my life and attract such a wonderful man?

After giving it some thought, I came up with a few things that I think contributed to what I’ve attracted.

First of all, I am in love with my life. I simply adore my life, my work, and the people in my life. Every single day, I wake up feeling blessed. When I decided to venture out into the dating world, I was coming from a place of feeling whole, complete, and happy with my life. I wanted a man in my life, I desired one fully, but I didn’t need one to make me feel complete. And since like attracts like, it was easy to attract more love when I was already feeling a lot of love.

Second, I had completed the past. Not just with my ex-husband, but with all my previous relationships. I had made those completions with a lot of love in my heart for all that I had experienced. I wasn’t bringing along any unfinished emotional baggage into a new relationship. I moved on with an open heart free and clear of the past.

Finally, I was wide open to all possibilities. I trusted the process. When one relationship wasn’t “it,” I was grateful for having had that experience, because it brought me even more clarity about what I wanted. I ventured out again without fear, expecting to meet someone wonderful. I did. As soon as I let go of what wasn’t working in the previous relationship, another one appeared as if by magic – I mean almost immediately. It was amazing. If I had tried to hang on to something else that wasn’t quite right, I never would have found what was waiting for me just around the corner. I would have missed meeting a sexy, handsome, intelligent, creative, considerate, talented, fascinating man who’s already brought so much inspiration to my life.

Here’s my suggestion: Stay open. Remember the feeling of what you want to attract… the joy, the bliss, the sheer magic of new love. The joy of being with a man who makes you feel loved and appreciated. Then open your arms wide, because once you’re radiating that feeling, love can’t possibly stay away. It will come to you like a moth to flame, and with all the enthusiasm your heart can hold. The love you’re radiating is the love you’ll attract.

It’s worth waiting for.

As Bhagwan Shree Rajineesh once said, “Be realistic. Plan for a miracle.”
Love is the miracle. Plan for it. And know it can happen to you because you deserve it.


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