A few weeks ago, I looked into hiring a Virtual Assistant to help me with some of the technical aspects of my business (putting together my blog, making some updates to my website, doing some online research, etc.). I checked into a couple of places, but neither one worked for what I wanted to accomplish.

So, I set the idea aside and instead found a local website designer who was able to help me make a few of the updates to my website, and I figured I'd try to work on the rest of the things myself at some point (ha, ha, ha).

I struggled with writing my last Ezine for over two days because there were some technical things I discovered I was supposed to be doing, that I wasn't, and trying to figure out how to do them ended up posing a real challenge for me.

Ugh! Low-level frustration is not conducive to attracting what you want... I finally gave up trying to do it on my own, picked up the phone and called the service provider for my Ezine and they walked me through (fairly simply, I might add) what I needed to do. So as soon as I shifted my energy from frustration to just letting go, I found the help I needed... hmmm, imagine that. The letting go gave me the space to just allow what it was I needed to arrive. If I had held onto my disappointment of not having it, it would not have allowed the Universe to come in and fill the void.

Okay, so I merrily finished writing my Ezine, sent if off to you, my wonderful readers – and right away, within ten minutes of sending it, I received this beautiful, long letter from a woman that was deeply touched by my article.

I was so moved by her response that I replied to her email telling her how much it meant to me that she took the time to write. She emailed back, thanking me for my response. This
time, I happened to read the signature below her name... Lynne Cutler, Virtual Assistant/Owner.

I got so excited I practically jumped out of my chair! A Virtual Assistant who is already familiar with my work and resonates with me! How cool is that?

Then the miracles really started flowing... I checked out her website. She specialized in everything I wanted done. I emailed her to see if she'd be interested in working with me. She emailed back that she'd just had a spot open up for her to work with one new client. We talked on the phone, we clicked, I hired her, and she's amazing!

She is everything I was looking for and more... incredible.

As soon as I stopped struggling with trying to find someone and just let it go, the Universe delivered exactly what I was wanting.

On to my last story... my mother stopped by to take my daughter to school the other day and quite by accident, left the front door ajar. Before we knew it, my opportunistic dog had wandered away in some unknown direction. Knowing she does not respond to calling, I started my march around the neighborhood to try to find her.

Now my normal response when something like this happens is to first get upset with my mother for letting the dog out, then I move into worry, frustration and anxiety about what could happen to the dog while she's out. None of which are at all conducive to manifesting
what I want.

So as I'm stomping around the neighborhood feeling aggravated and worried, I suddenly stopped in my tracks and thought, "This feels awful! I am focused on exactly what I don't want to happen! So what do I want to happen? I want the dog to come home safely."

I then stopped for another moment, closed my eyes, and visualized our dog running home. I got a big smile on my face as I thought about it and started walking up our street again to see if she might be there, I turned around to see my mother driving up the street across from ours to continue the search, and no sooner had I turned away when I see our dog racing around the corner of our street and come running home.

End of story. It's all in the feeling. Shift your feelings to what you want and you shift your vibration. Shift your vibration and the miracles just start flowing in the door.

Until next time, a multitude of blessings to see you on your journey to all that you desire and more.


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