The electricity in your wall socket has to be grounded to function properly and safely. In addition, things like your computer have to be safely plugged in and grounded. This is true for you too! You have to be grounded to function properly and safety.

According to Barbara Brennan in her book, "Hands of Light," the only people who are grounded are martial arts teachers. I see many marital arts teachers on the streets of Philadelphia and some of my close friends are black belts. From my observations, even martial arts teachers are rarely grounded when they walk around in their normal lives.

This means there is a very good chance you need to pay more attention to getting grounded, being grounded and staying grounded.

Grounded means your energy is plugged into the energy of the earth. This means your body, especially your feet, are plugged into the earth. The deeper the connection, the stronger you will be.

The best way to get grounded is to walk barefoot on the earth. The best place to walk is where there is a lot of vibrant earth energy. The wilder the earth the stronger the energy.

This is the reason I teach people to get down into their body and stay there. I show people how to sink their feet in the field of gravity and suck up the healthy energy from the earth. I help them tie their own energy deep into the core of the earth.

When you feel tingles moving through your legs, you know you are grounded. The energy moving safely through your feet is what causes
you to experience tingles. When you are grounded, the earth energy moves up your legs and your physical energy moves down into the earth. There is a healthy exchange of energy and this is what keeps you grounded.

The major way my approach to anxiety, stress and worry is different from other approaches is I show you how to get grounded and stay grounded.
If you want more information and help about getting grounded, work with the multimedia e-course, Overcoming Anxiety Naturally. It shows you how to get in your body and stay there.

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