Going beyond the tales of ghosts that we have all heard in stories, television and in books. I have found that entities and some ghosts are involved in most people’s lives most often without them knowing it.

Most ghosts are simply beings that have died and generally due to their own fears when they were alive decided not to move on to an after life. In some cases the death was so abrupt that the ghost never realizes that they have transitioned. In other situations people that have a great fear of death resist the transition so strongly that they remain on this plane and become a ghost.

In a slow process all ghosts lose their connection to living life. They basically drift as lost spirits with a few purposes or missions that they are steadfastly connected to. It is why a ghost will stay in a place to repeat one specific behavior such as; defend a home from intruders. That mission was important to them when they were alive. In most cases ghosts are a little more than a nuisance. Although there are exceptions.

Entities on the other hand are more disturbing; they can influence your disposition to life, drain your energy, influence illnesses and more. In my experience in removing entities I have seen a wide variety of ailments/behaviors that quickly left once the entity was removed such as: an unexplainable illness that no one seemed to be able to identify the cure, noises or voices that occurred in the person’s mind that would not go away, suddenly tired, depression, headaches, being angry or aggressive for no apparent reason and more.

There are a variety of entities that attach to people and pets. They come from dimensional planes that function at a lower vibrational rate than ours. When they come here they are mostly attracted to people whose mindset matches the entity’s own vibration. As a result people that have lots of anger, rage, guilt, addiction or other limiting emotions are the entity’s preferred choice. There are exceptions as people that are very evolved can have entities as well.

Places that are most likely to have entities are hospitals, bars, mental institutions and other public places. Basically the places that have elements of fear (which is the basis of rage, addiction, trauma, guilt etc…) generally attract more entities. I worked with a woman whose right side of her body was numb. She had recently been released from an institution for addiction to pain medications. After in intense hour of removing the entities (all done over the phone) her body was back to normal. Many cases of mental illness can have an ingredient of entities that influence the person’s mental stability.

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Bart Sharp is an Access Learning Facilitator from Austin Texas. He has worked on a variety of people and homes with entities or ghosts. Bart is available for home visits, phone sessions and teaches classes on ghost and entity removals. He can be contacted at 512 809 6807 or bart@bartsharp.com. For more information about Bart and Access Energy Transformation go to www.bartsharp.com or www.accessaustinenergy.com. To sign up for a free subscription of “Access Tips For Expanding Your Life” go to www.bartsharp.com.