You can spend hours writing, checking, and rechecking a perfect business plan; however, no matter how good it sounds, no busy potential investor will bother reading it, at least not before reviewing your executive summary first. An appealing, professional executive summary dramatically increases your chances of grabbing the attention of a potential investor.

Like it sounds, an executive summary is a document that summarizes your entire business plan into key points, so that a potential investor or partner can easily understand in a few minutes what your business plan is all about, and more importantly why s/he should be interested in your offer.

A good executive summary example summarizes your key points on the one hand, and appeals to your readers on the other, it is doable if you follow these guidelines:

(1) Keep it short (1-2 pages).

(2) Use legible font (Verdana is pleasing on-screen; Times New Roman is easy on the eye on the printed page).

(3) Keep headers brief (5-6 words), and write them in boldface, one point size larger than your body text (body text should be 11 or 12).

(4) Place your most important information at the beginning; think of it as a newspaper front page that contains a 'killer headline”, then sub-headlines, and finally the rest of the story.

(5) Write short, easy-to-read paragraphs (4-5 lines each) and make sure they contain only relevant information. Don't go in deep; if your readers need more details, they’ll go straight to your business plan¯or contact you.

Professional and Attractive Business English Writing

In our online world of communication, your English writing level reflects how professional, intelligent, and persuasive you are. In many cases, you’ll never even meet with potential investors before they read your executive summary. For that reason, it’s critical that your English writing reflects confidence and professionalism, while at the same time sounding appealing.

If you were an investor, would you do business with someone who delivered you a boring executive summary written in bad English containing grammar or spelling mistakes? That would naturally constitute a bad executive summary example.

Fortunately, there are innovative products on the market that will enable you to transform your executive summary into a rich and appealing document. These products analyze your executive summary by using sophisticated online grammar and spell-check dictionaries, to ensure that your content is free of grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

Moreover, these products provide an online thesaurus and professional vocabulary list that enable you to enrich your sentences and transform them into appealing and persuasive messages. Some of these products automatically proofread your business writing, and even provide effective templates that teach you how to write executive summaries and other business documents.

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