Depression is often termed ‘anger turned inwards’. In other words anger suppressed or buried within us to the point that we do not feel the anger anymore. What shows up instead is depression.

Most people might respond by saying: “I’m not angry, I do have issues with depression.” Or say, “I have dealt with my anger issues, it is something else.” Chances are suppressed anger is a key to letting go of the depression.

If you have explored the experiences of your anger with others on an intellectual level those experiences still remain in your body. It is just the first part of the process. It is important to relive it but it does not begin to release until you get in touch with it physically; how the memory feels in your body.

If we revisit that memory we can feel an intensity in our body associated to the emotional experience. It is an energy that we have recorded into our body of the actual experience. Dealing with that intensity of energy without judging it is a big key to letting it go.

When we experience the anger and decided that it was wrong, frightful, bad etc. we attach a judgment to it. The judgment creates a defensive position to the negative experience that we do not wish to have something like that in our life therefore we create an energetic barrier around the memory.

Many of us stuff our feelings of anger in out stomach area or solar plexus (as well as other areas). That is why when we in situations that we sense anger we feel that uneasy feeling in our gut. It is those suppressed memories activating. Not only does the suppressed anger activate as an alarm but it will also be the stimulus for causing us to be habitually resentful, mistrustful, anxious, addicted, depressed or other conditions. Those old memories need to be fed again so we unconsciously reenact more conflicts, anger, victimization, depression and others that stimulate the repressed implanted energies.

When we go into the behaviors of depression for example it is stimulated from the energetic memory of our suppressed anger. Thus when we clear the energetic blockages along with explore the cognitive memories of the suppressed anger our depression shifts as well

Using the tools of Access Energy Transformation the energetic sources of suppressed emotions that create depression can be released permanently. The value of using Access tools is that the emotions can be released on a cellular level therefore the distress in the body is released in a more complete permanent way.

It is a process of exploring the past and feeling the energetic intensity that occurs without judging or reliving it. It is getting in touch with the suppressed feelings and with Access verbal clearings the energetic memories are released. Within a matter of a few sessions most people feel a huge difference in their lives.

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Bart Sharp is an Access Learning Facilitator from Austin Texas. Through the years Bart has worked on variety of issues with individuals and groups. Bart likes the Access tools as they release people’s limitations quickly and permanently. Many people feel a visceral release of the limitations during the session. He can be contacted at 512 809 6807 or For more information about Bart and Access Energy Transformation go to or To sign up for a free subscription of “Access Tips For Expanding Your Life” go to