1. Now is the time to be honest with yourself and others.

If you're trying to revitalize yourself, you have to be honest about what is and is NOT working in your life. Self-deception is like driving around in circles: you're moving, but you're not getting anywhere.

2. The only person you can change is yourself.

It's impossible to change others, so don't waste time trying. Focus on the changes YOU want to make. Focus on YOUR goals. Others will either follow your lead... or they won't.

3. The changes you'll make successfully will be the changes you want to make.

You won't jump-start your life by making a change someone else is forcing on you. So, again, focus on what YOU desire.

Follow in another's footsteps if it will help. If not, create a new path of your own.

4. Raise your standards and your boundaries.

It's much easier to make progress towards our goals when we have clearly defined standards and boundaries. With those in place, we can pursue changes and goals with more confidence, since we have less to worry about.

5. If you're going to jump, make it a BIG jump!

Take a leap of faith in yourself. Make this change, this "charge" you use to jump-start yourself, a big one. Be bold. Take bold action. Reap big rewards.

6. Focus on what can be done.

People who spend their time looking for reasons why things can't work are the ones who don't get any work done.

Even the smallest, tiniest step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction, so take those steps you can and ignore the rest.

7. Take action, don't just talk about it.

As we're using it, "jump-start" is a verb. It implies motion, movement -- action.

It's incredibly easy to start talking about all the things we "could," "might," or "would like" to do -- and never get around to doing them.

The solution? Stop talking and start walking.

8. Road blocks mean you're on the wrong path -- not the wrong journey.

You might need to adjust your plan, adopt a new strategy, or make some other change, but don't quit. You'll only get your goal if you keep going.

9. Whatever happens, enjoy the scenery.

Whether the road is bumpy or smooth, you're living your life. Don't get so goal-oriented that you forget to enjoy the journey from point A to point B.

10. The end is just the beginning.

Once you've done it -- once you've jump started your life -- you'll be back where you started. Sooner or later, you'll need to recharge the batteries and make another change. Instead of dreading it, embrace it.

After all, that's life!

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