At the end of each year, it is always a norm all over the world for people to reflect on the out going year and also plan for the New Year. So many people are filled with regret when they discover that the out going year has been wasted and they couldn’t point to something tangible they have achieved in the year.

Having a successful year is as simple as ABC if only you know how to. Like everything in life, success is a series of processes turning into a system. It is this system that we all need to follow, consistently, if we are to look back at our year with so much satisfaction.

These processes may look simple but if followed to the later, they can bring a huge transformation to one’s life. Make use of the steps below if it is your desire to be successful in this New Year.

1) You need to have a dream. I have looked at my life so many times and I have always discovered that most of the things I have been able to achieve, had been the offshoots of the dreams I had years back.

With a dream, there is no limit to who you can be, what you can have and where you can go. In the New Year, you can’t afford not to have a dream because you will be short-changing yourself if you do not have one. Those who succeed are people with dreams.

2) Think good thoughts. As a man thinks, so is he, is a popular cliché that is heard almost everyday. It has been discovered and proven that our predominant thoughts do become a reality and if this is so, we need to dwell on good thoughts. The main reason people NEVER achieve much in life is because their minds always dwell on negative thoughts.

If all you can produce from your mind are negative thoughts, then you should expect negative results in your life this year. I am sure you don’t want to experience negative things in the New Year, if you don’t, now is the time to begin thinking positively.

3) Discover your potentials. Deposited within every one of us is a huge deposit of diamond that we all need to discover. Life becomes easy for us if we are able to discover our potentials and make use of them.

Our potentials have the ability to take us to places where nothing else can. The gift of man, makes way for him, is what the Bible says and I am a living testimony of this. You too can experience an uplifting in your life if you can discover and exploit the potentials within you in the New Year.

4) Believe in yourself. People that achieve so much in life are people that believe in themselves. Faith in yourself is the binding factor for any achievement. If you are engaged in anything and you don’t believe you can achieve anything from it, then it will be very difficult to make any success out of it.

It is pertinent that you build up your esteem in the New Year so that you can achieve what ever you set your hand on in the New Year. Those who have lost faith in themselves, have lost all.

5) Don’t listen to the critics. Those who want to achieve any meaningful feat in life must face criticism! You need to come to term with this. If you have NEVER being criticized, then you need to take a look at your life. It is possible you are not engaged in anything worthwhile and you may end up living below your standard.

People will always say things about what you are doing and it is your prerogative not to allow their opinions sway you from the line of success you are towing. I would not have been where I am today if I had listened to all the distracting voices years ago.

6) Learn, learn and LEARN! You can’t ever learn enough when there is a dream to achieve. Between where you are and where you want to go, there is a void that needed to be filled and learning is the best way to achieve that.

If all it takes you is to read a book, listen to an audio, watch a video or attend a seminar in order for you to achieve your dreams in the New Year, then so be it. Your quest for knowledge must NEVER be saturated in 2007 and for ever.

7) Never give up! I can tell you that it is possible to achieve your dreams but it won’t be fair if I don’t tell you that there will be challenges on your path as well. You are going to face numerous obstacles along the way, but you must NEVER quit.

No matter what happens to you, quitting must NEVER be an option. So many people have given up just one feet to discovering their gold. You must NEVER be one of this people. If you quit, you will NEVER see the reward of your dream and obscurity will be your portion. I am sure you don’t want this to happen to you.

8) You can NEVER do without ACTION! Of what use is a dream that is not backed with ACTION? It is better not to dream at all than have one and not act on it. Acting on one’s dream is what makes the difference. Your dreams can become a reality if you can ACT on it.

Nothing will bring you result apart from action! If you are not ready to act, then you are not prepared to reap the reward. In this New Year, you should endeavor to be a person of ACTION. Even if all it takes is for you to take a minute step every day of the year, PLEASE JUST DO IT! You will be surprised at what you have been able to achieve at the end of the year.

9) Let go and let GOD. So many people have doubted the existence of God but I will be so foolish to be one of them. Whenever I look at my life, I see so many events happening that I couldn’t just fathom. I could have explained them away as mere coincidences but it will still amount to foolishness.

There is a God that directs the affairs of men and you need to be in tune with Him if you are going to be TRULY successful this year. You must allow Him to be in the driver’s seat of your life and let Him take you where ever He pleases. By so doing you will experience true success in the coming year.

Dear friend, you have in your hands the blue prints for your success in this New Year. I have always said it and I don’t think I want to ever stop saying it, it is NEVER what you know that matters, it is what you do with it!

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This is to your success in 2007 and the coming years.

Your friend,

Adebola Oni

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