Success involves the attempt to reach a particular level of status in an area of life or the achievement specific objectives or goals. While the recipe of success is never the same for each and every person, there are certain ingredients that help sweeten the outcome and overall journey. Below you will find ten important factors to consider when seeking success in whatever you wish to accomplish:

1) Goals

Before you begin your quest to become successful, you first have to know where you want your effort to take you. Perhaps you've always dreamed of becoming a doctor, losing 10 pounds before your birthday or win an annual cooking contest in your city. It doesn’t matter how deep or life-changing the goal – you have to start somewhere in order to follow the path towards success.

2) Focus

The reason for setting goals is to also encourage focus, which helps individuals stick to the path that will lead them towards success. For example, if you were following directions from point A to point B and decided to take a "shortcut" or see what happens when you take the highway instead of the street, you may end up lost or taking a longer amount of time to reach point B. With achieving success, the same factors apply – too many people waste time chasing other things or getting off track.

3) Visualization

To jumpstart your motivation in regards to achieving success, one must visualize accomplishing their personal goals. When you can get an idea of what it would feel like, how you would look, and how happy family and friends will be for you – it becomes much easier to work hard in order to reach the level of success you wish for yourself.

4) Confidence

When you believe in yourself, the slightest pitfall or greatest obstacle will seem less discouraging. A high level of confidence has the power to motivate and bring individuals closer towards success. A defeatist attitude or gloomy outlook on life will only hold you back from reaching your goals. Sometimes a lack of confidence is influential enough to drive a person to fail before they've ever tasted the chance to attain success.

Overall, you need to seize as many opportunities as possible and stay constant in the belief that you can become successful in anything you put your mind to.

5) Strength & Courage

The road towards success is not easy and along the way, one will definitely encounter situations, circumstances, and events that can make or break the spirit. It is important to stay strong and full of courage in order to forge ahead. A high level of mental strength is powerful enough to carry the physical self through the most draining of life's obstacles. Courage also helps you to continue on the right path when things start to get tough.

6) Persistence

At some point, the fear of failure may surface, especially when you have made a few mistakes along the way. It takes persistence to move forward, and learning from your mistakes is a great place to start. Some people get off track when trying to reach their own personal sense of success. Persistence allows one to stop and reflect on what they have done wrong so they can make the adjustments that sets them back on track. Giving up is simply too easy – it is important to take all setbacks as part of the experience.

7) Keen Observation

When striving to reach success, a certain level of keen observation is needed. It is through this attribute that individuals are able to take heed, stay guarded, protect their interests, and watch for signs of change. Also, observing the actions and necessary components that make up your idea of success helps one stay on track towards achieving goals.

8) Self-Education

Some people feel they are not well equipped to tackle the goals they have set for themselves. They fear they may lack the skills, talent, or education needed to become successful. Life is a never-ending process of learning and self-education is easy to obtain. Resources that help cultivate skill and gain information, such as the library or the Internet, are easily accessible for no charge.

Those who expect to learn something new and of value each day, place themselves ahead of the rest. Routinely tackling new experiences additionally helps broaden the horizons. Also, those who share their knowledge and experiences with others (regardless if they are trying to achieve the same goals) become more intelligent in this gesture. There are plenty of times when the teacher becomes the student. Overall, the exchange of information helps develop a continuous circle of success.

9) Meditation

Whether you whip out a yoga mat or soak in a tub for a few minutes, setting aside time to reflect, ponder, imagine, and explore the journey you have taken to reach success will help you gauge how far you must go in order to feel "complete." Some people totally miss their mark of success because they never took the time to dwell on the process.

10) Charisma

Some of the most successful people are prosperous because they are doing things they love to do. Passion is contagious and even if they aren't the best lawyer, singer, director, or businessman, an ounce of charisma has the command to catapult their potential. When people are able to feel the energy that one possesses for their craft, others can become easily persuaded to "open doors," "buy what you're selling," "listen to what you have to say," and "lend a helping hand." When you love doing what you have set out to accomplish, the journey towards success becomes much easier.

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