Sometimes the winds of change blow through my life and it seems as though everything is crumbling. When that happens here is what I usually do.


First I try my best to run around and pick up the pieces thinking I will just put everything back in their original shape. Right!


Just like puzzle pieces that have become saturated with water and distorted, when it is time for a change, the pieces of my life do not fit together in the same way they used to. No matter how much squishing and pressing I do when there is no room there is no room. Denial only slows down the transformation process.


I may try to act calm on the surface while turmoil brews inside. I try to ignore the signals. I call my friends to complain. I wake up in the night worrying.


I try to figure out what I am doing wrong. Guess what? This does not work either. In fact none of the above work in my favor for very long.

Finally when I have thoroughly worn out my resistance to change - or when I remember that I have other options I do what works.


By the time I finally realize that no amount of stress and worry and orchestration on my part is going to get me the results I want I have already struggled myself into exhaustion. That is when I might finally surrender control and begin to relax.


I can be relentless in my effort to control the external events of my life and it often takes pure frustration before I realize this very important fact: The old life - condition, situation, relationship - whatever - is changing, and I would do much better to accept that fact.


Ease begins to enter the scene in the moment that I am conscious enough to remember this: I have been passionately praying, visualizing, setting my inner compass and writing in my journal about the new life I want to create, for many months. Why is it such a surprise to me when my old life falls apart? I asked for a new one!

I am the one who has set the very changes I am resisting into motion in the first place!

When we acknowledge our desires and define our hopes we set powerful creative forces in motion. Within the creative process there are periods of time when, what is old and outdated naturally decays and must dissolve in order to make room for what is coming.

Having been through major life upheavals more than once in my life I now recognize the signs more quickly. Often changes still take me by surprise. I find it helps when I am diligent in my self-care. It is best when I maintain the practices that keep me centered at my core. And sometimes I need to rely on the people who care about me for comfort and support during wobbly times before the land of my new life is formed.


A sign that I am well on my way to living a new vibration, and attracting the new life I have desired is when I shift from resisting change to celebrating it. When my excitement and enthusiasm returns I am back in the flow of the dreams that I have set in motion.

And then there are only two things that need my attention.


I need to make a choice to trust life and it's magnificent unfolding.


And I need to listen deeply for the intuitive hunches and gut knowing that guides me one step after another into the changes I have called forward.

Change is not logical. It is also something we human beings are not entirely comfortable with. If you are facing change, in any room of your life right now, I invite you to remember that you are the force that has initiated what is happening.

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