So, you’ve decided to make the jump and finally implement physical exercise into your life? Congratulations, that’s an amazing decision. However, there are some things you need to add to your gym bag, to make the experience better.

Sure, your effort is the main factor, but these 9 additions to your gym bag can make any workout much easier.

A reusable water bottle

This might seem like an obvious choice for some, but a lot of gym-goers go and work out without a water bottle. Sweating will dehydrate you and you also risk catching germs on the gym’s water fountain. Invest in a sturdy model and it will keep you healthy and hydrated.

Dry shampoo

No gym in the world has an unlimited number of showers. No matter how well you time your day, there will always be a time when the showers are full and you have to hurry. Enter dry shampoo! This amazing addition to your gym bag will help you clean your hair and continue with your daily activities.

Headbands & sweatbands

If you sweat a lot, your hands might get wet and you won’t be able to grip the weights. In addition to this, having sweat pouring all over you is unsettling and uncomfortable. Save yourself some trouble and get a Suddora sweatband. We would advise you to get two wristbands and one headband.

Wet wipes

Before and after you work out, wipe your face thoroughly to avoid breakouts and further acne. The gym is full of equipment that hundreds of people use every day. Unwillingly, you will touch your face during or after the gym. Avoid any health risks. Always keep a stash of wet wipes in your gym bag.

The right shoe

The chances are that you’re doing all kinds of exercises in the gym. Our advice would be to pick a pair of sneakers ideal for a certain activity. For instance, if you’re mostly lifting that day - bring shoes that are made for lifting.

The same goes for jogging, aerobics class and everything else. Having the right shoes will make the workout easier that will keep you going for longer time. Do not make a mistake while choosing the right shoes. Always go for quality.

Fresh underwear and socks

There is nothing worse than having the workout of your life and then having to go home in the same sweaty underwear and socks.

Yikes! Always have one or two fresh pairs of each, just in case you have to go somewhere or do something. Fresh underwear after a hot shower is the best thing ever, believe us!


Ah yes, the dreaded gym playlists. If you’re not in the mood to listen to EDM and pop hits, we would advise you to bring your own earphones.

AirPods are even better because you don’t have to look at your phone all the time. Invest some time into creating playlists. A good workout depends on the music, so this is your chance to build a solid base.

Personal care items

If you’re taking a shower in the gym, you need everything you use after a home shower. This means soaps, shampoos and deodorant. Keep the personal care items in a separate bag so that they don’t mix with dirty gym clothes. Always keep a spare at home so that you don’t run out unexpectedly.

Energy bars

Who can wait to get home and grab a bite? Nobody! To curb your hunger and get your tired body some valuable nutrients, keep energy bars in your gym bag. High-protein chocolate bars will reinvigorate you and prepare you for the big meal that’s coming up.

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Jack has extensive experience working and talking about the fitness industry.