We can’t all have the sultry, seductive curves of Kate Upton or Heidi Klum. But, if you need a Kardashian-esque rear and you want it in fast, you’re going to have to get a little creative with your wardrobe. The alternative being hours of intense training coupled with a regimented diet – no thanks!

So, for all you impatient gals out there, here are nine simple style tips to give your butt an instant lift

1. Choose the right pants

First and foremost on our list for making your booty look just perfect. Choosing the correct fit is absolutely crucial but, unfortunately, often overlooked or just plain misunderstood. Make no mistake, choosing the right fit for you can work miracles for your derriere.
• If you want to highlight your booty, always choose pants with a narrower leg. This gives the impression of a larger, fuller bottom.
• Conversely, If you want to make your butt appear smaller (not sure why anybody would) , opt for a pair of flared pants which will draw attention away from your bottom.
• Most importantly, choose comfortable pants. Don’t make the all too common mistake of buying too small pants that you can barely breathe in. These can often create strange lumps and bumps and ultimately look very unflattering. Comfort is key.

2. Choose Your Waist Style

The rise of your jeans is more important than you think. Traditionally, people tended to favour the low-rise look but unfortunately, low-rise options don’t always favour the figure.

The rise of your pants is very important. The low-rise option is very popular but unfortunately, is not the most flattering to the booty.

High-rise waistbands tend to create a more flattering shape which makes your derriere look round and peachy. Choosing the right pair with can help you to create the much sought after hourglass shape that’s just 0h so elusive.

3. Pockets Can Be Your Friend

Do not underestimate the power of pockets. Not just convenient, pockets can be a great asset in the quest for definition. The size, placement and style of pocket can have an enormous impact on the size and shape of your booty. For example check out the vigour leggings from https://leggings.club. These leggings have an oversized ribbed pocket which helps to add instant shape to your bum.

4. Select the Right Wash/Rinse for Your Jeans

Another factor that’s often overlooked or not even considered. The wash and rinse of your jeans can be another instrumental factor in minimising or maximising your booty.
• Dark colors are slimming because they create shadow and as such, do not draw attention (not good!)
• If your goal is to make that booty pop, light denim or white Is the way to go.

5. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Light Fabrics should be avoided, unless you already have a flawless booty.
• Avoid light materials such as satin or silk.
• Thin fabrics draw attention by highlighting imperfections and magnifying everything
• If you don't want everyone to get a little too well acquainted with your behind, avoid such fabrics.

6. High Heels Make Your Butt Look Good

A hidden gem, this one. When you wear high-heels, your leg and glute muscles tighten to help you balance. This, gives you a natural instant butt-lift. The higher the heels, the bigger the lift.

7. Take the Stairs

Ditch the elevator when possible. Obviously squats and deadlifts will yield a powerful booty but if you don’t have the time or will, simply taking the stairs once in a while can give you a little boost.

8. Choose Your Leggings Wisely

Leggings can be a godsend, however not all leggings are created equal. Some are made from cheap, thin fabrics which will have your displaying your nether regions for the world to see.

Of course, there are premium retailers and some that specifically create booty-lift leggings – do your research!


Spanx are a godsend. These miracle workers can smooth out all but the most stubborn of bumps. Don’t overlook the value that body control garments provide, they keep everything right where its supposed to be.


Finally, the most important thing to remember is that you should be happy in the skin you’re in. Sure, we all need a little help now and then but nobody and no body is perfect, no matter what Instagram says.

So, use these tips and tricks whenever you need a little boost and enjoy the body you have!

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