#1 "Choose to Get Better"

Could this really be any simpler than this? Yes you've heard this before– but yet for some reason you haven't acted upon it.

YOU have a choice.

A choice to seek out answers, a choice to educate yourself, a choice to exercise, a choice to see your neurologist, a choice to take your medication.

A choice to open your mind to new forms of treatment and options that will allow you improve mentally and physically.

A choice to feel that you are loved even though you have MS. A choice to stop the anger, worry, and anxiety.

My friends- it is up to you. Choose for better life, a better you. You are worth it, aren't you?

#2 "Believe In Yourself"

Do you believe in yourself? - Or do you feel that you're not good enough because maybe you can't walk as well as you used to.

Have you lost the belief in yourself because you're not the same person you were before you got MS?

I'm sorry to say, but MS is in charge of you. You are not in charge of yourself.

Do you remember who you were before you got MS?

Yes, you do.

What next?

Remember who you were, visualize every morning and every night your confidence, beauty, and the belief that you were created in the image of God. Believe that the choices you will make will effect change in your life. Change where you will reclaim your life from Multiple Sclerosis.

Focus on YOU, and not MS. Believe in yourself and be grateful for all the wonderful things you have.

And you'll soon see that that what you focus on grows.

#3 "Gather Your Information and Your Team"

All the information you need is out there, but you have to be willing to accept it.

If you're reading this eBook right now- I congratulate you. You've made the first choice in finding answers. The answers that will allow you to reclaim your life from MS.

Open your mind, and believe that you can get better. This will involve some belief in yourself.

Believe that the answers are out there in simple places. This blog your reading, library, bookstore, neurologist, pastor, church, counselors, wife, husband, and friends.

People provide the valuable information needed so you can change your life. Realize that I and many others want to help you, but you must let us in.

Belief in yourself that you are worth it. Understand that no person is alone in this world unless they choose to be.

#4 "Take Action and Implement"

You've got all this great information so you're thinking now what? Feeling overwhelmed could possibly be one of your thoughts.

We've got an answer for you and its spelled G.O.A.L.

Each evening before you go to bed make yourself a list of exactly what you're going to do tomorrow. Perhaps it's exercise on a stationary bike for 20 minutes, or yoga in bed, or going out for some fresh air and sunshine. Whatever it is "plan" on doing it and getting into a habit. If you don't get into a habit you won't see the results.

And here's the biggie… when you see the results you'll be so proud of yourself won't you? Won't that raise your belief in yourself? And give you a sense of accomplishment? So there, you're already on your way to reclaiming your life from MS.

Each day there must be baby steps with the end in mind. Dream on what you will be able to achieve and break it down into small steps that you will complete daily.

#5 "Being Grateful"

Sit down and get yourself a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down every single thing you are grateful for. And I mean every single thing.

It's really simple, so simple it's embarrassing. Why?

Because we ALL tend to take the simple things for granted

Here's what my list looks like:

I'm grateful for: my health and being able to control my disease, my wife who loves me, my children who love me, the health of my family, the safety of me and my family, my team of doctors who care for me, my church and pastor who have counseled me, my home, my job which supports me, I'm grateful for my mentors throughout my life and everyone who has taught me something, I'm grateful for the internet which has allowed me the ability to reach out to others who have MS, I'm grateful for libraries that give us free information to educate ourselves with, I'm grateful for the sun coming up each day, I'm grateful for God who gave us his only son, I'm grateful for being able to see ( partially) but I can see, I'm grateful for walking ( even though I do act drunk) I'm grateful for my wife who is a she-man and does much for me, I'm grateful for the love and opportunity to meet others who are around me.

Whew!! And most of all what I'm I grateful for? Your going to think this is ridiculous.

Getting MS.

Without MS I wouldn't be the compassionate person I am. I have learned much because of this disease. It has challenged me, made me angry, and given me every emotion in between. I am who I am today because of MS.

7 "See Yourself Closing the Door on MS"

Letting go of the pain, anger, disappointment, anxiety, despair of MS is the first step of reclaiming your life.

Yes, I hear you its hard.
It's not easy for me to say. It took me years to get over the pain.

It's about the journey not the destination.

I started with a choice (heard this before huh?). A choice to let it go. To see myself in better health, to see myself closing the door to pain, anger, disappointment, anxiety, and despair.

Visualizations each and every day helped me to "let go" and see myself as that pompous kid at 16years old who could do anything. Closing my eyes and seeing myself again as young, vibrant, full of energy was the "fuel" to the fire. I could become that person again even though my legs said, No Bob, not today I'm not doing anything. You can guess I said something back to my legs that I would rather not repeat in this G rated eBook.

I had many arguments with my legs that went just like that. You see I was very anxiety ridden about ending up in a wheel chair. My legs would say no, not today Bob. Not walking. Sorry dude. And I would get angry, very angry. I was NOT going to stop walking, NEVER…NEVER… and there were times that I cried like a baby arguing with my legs sitting on a bench on the walking trail.

But I'm here to tell you this.

I won.

My dumb legs still give me trouble but they know I won't give up. Everyday I visualize myself walking, and you too should visualize yourself overcoming what every your prominent MS symptom is.

#8 "Forgiving Yourself and Others Around You"

It's not your fault or anyone else's that you've got MS. You’re a wonderful person who deserves to be loved. God has thrown you a fast ball, and we all get them in various forms. Forgive yourself and let others around you love you.

Realize that you've got a disease, but that disease has the ability to effect you mentally as well. It affects your body, your mind, your soul and relationships with those around you.

Don't let it take over and run ramped destroying everything in your path. It doesn’t have to be that way. Again folks it's that word again, CHOICE.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Groth, author and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989. To receive more information on how you can reclaim your life from MS and his free eBook visit ConquerMS.com.