Used cars can now be donated online and offline to a chosen charity/cause. Online websites offer information and choices for people to make donations by listing charities and other organizations online.

Donate a car websites undertake to:

• Provide all essential documentations.
• Handle collection of the vehicle.
• And reach the vehicle to the selected charity.

Before donating a car it is essential to know:

1. The laws that govern donation of automobiles to charities. Before making a donation check what the IRS rules are.

2. Choose a charity with care and ensure that you get a receipt from the charity specifying donation of the vehicle.

3. Check whether the charity is qualified. A source is publication 78 on the IRS website. Annual lists of organizations qualified to receive deductible contributions are posted on the IRS website.

4. Ensure that your vehicle is itemized on your annual tax return. Deductions for car donations are only eligible if the car or vehicle has been itemized on the annual tax return.

5. The car value must be computed fairly. Find out what factors play a role in determining the fair value of a car to be donated to charity.

6. The vehicle donation must be documented carefully in keeping with sate tax laws. Ensure that this aspect is taken care of accurately.

7. Check whether the car donation website you are using is established and reliable. Make the effort to do a background check on the charity you choose.

8. In needed check with the IRS officials. You can write to them or call toll free at 1-800-829-1040. If you suspect fraud ask the state charity official who will be located at the state attorney general’s office. Check with IRS publications 526 and 561.

Always choose an IRS registered non profit organization to donate a car. Before donating find out the pros and cons of a car donation and what the charity tax deduction will be. Ask the charity whether the vehicle will be sold to realize funds or used by the organization. Ensure that there are no hidden costs when you donate the car. You will need to keep car title papers ready when you donate a vehicle.

Car donation programs accept cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, motor homes, campers, as well as water craft. In the US charitable donations of cars are eligible for tax deduction and for a value less than USD 500 the estimate of the car’s value can be made by the owner. Through car donations US tax payers reduced their taxes by over USD 700 million. Charities either use the cars or sell donated cars through used car lots or auctions to realize funds.

As a donor you need to remove all personal effects from the car and ensure that the car is donated in a clean condition. Prepare a folder of the necessary papers and keep a copy of the papers you are handing over as record. Insist on receiving a receipt from the online site as well as the person who collects the donated vehicle. Request that the person who collects the vehicle you are donating to charity carries some form of identification/ authorization. Protect your interests by donating a car to a charity of your choice through reliable means.

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