Too many people are simply bored with their life. The boredom can create a downward spiral. The spiral can include depression, listlessness, hopelessness and many other negative feelings. Perhaps the biggest issue for a person in this situation is a sense that they don’t know what to do and so they do nothing. I call this the “deer in the headlights” effect. When faced with life (as in your life) too many people stop in their tracks, frozen with fear of making that first step.

I’d like to present 8 critical skills that you need to develop now and keep finely tuned. These skills will help you avoid the negative spiral and keep you out of the traffic.

Skill #1: Dream about the future
You don’t need to sleep in order to dream. Spend time thinking BIG about your future life. If you have an unfulfilled dream from childhood, re-examine it as a place to start. What exists in your mind but is so exciting it scares you?

Skill #2: Eliminate barriers for your life dream
More than likely, you’re your own barrier. What is holding you back? I know of a thirty something that regrets not going to college. She thinks she’s too old to do it now. That is the kind of barrier I’m talking about. I have a friend that at 50+ is the “old man” in his political science department. He’s getting his Doctorate. No barrier there.

Skill #3: Attain purpose and meaning
Over 40 sometime, we start seeking purpose in new ways. Earlier in life, purpose was creating and establishing elements of life such as: spouse, children, house and career. Now that many of those are in place the purpose shifts. Purpose can be found in giving yourself and surrounding yourself with those things that nurture you. Explore. Find your purpose.

Skills #4 Empowered to choose life direction
Our future is more than the circumstances of our past. There are only 2 things you don’t have a choice over: death and taxes. Like the gal previously mentioned, she can choose what comes next. It’s your life, take charge of it.

Skill #5: Continuously learn new things
The benefits of learning are numerous. The primary benefit for you will be all the new opportunities that will open up. The possibilities are unlimited. You could learn a new skill, about new places, interests or attitudes. Basically, you will continue to grow. If you aren’t growing, you aren’t thriving.

Skill #6: Recognize what’s possible
Somewhere in our life we start shrinking the possibilities. Remember when you thought you could do pretty much anything? I went to a lecture by Dr. Wayne Dyer and listened to a young man play improvisational drums. He had no hands. He didn’t let that fact shrink him. He looked AND FOUND what was possible.

Skill #7: Learn from mistakes
Failure is a good thing IF you learn something in the process. It’s also good because it means you are striving toward something important. Failure can also be an attitude. I’ve read that Thomas Edison “failed” 10,000 times. He never considered himself a failure. He looked at these results as 10,000 chances to improve his work. If you haven’t failed recently, give it a try.

Skill #8: Cultivate meaningful relationships of trust and respect.
We find nourishment from others in our life. We are social creatures that need to give and receive of ourselves to others. Think of this concept like fabric. Fabric has many threads, going in different directions. The sum of the parts is stronger than any one thread.

How developed are these skills for you? It’s easier to stay excited about your life than to pull yourself out of the ho-hums. Make this easy on yourself- get these skills and keep them tuned like an expensive sports car.

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