I’m very excited to be offering my 8-Weeks To CEO course as a special offer for the new year. 2012 has officially started and there’s no more time for excuses. Over the years, I’ve inspired many to create their own businesses and now with the E-COURSE version of my 8 Week course you can get the same course with the tuition at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re finally ready to step up and Own Your Power and YOUR OWN BUSINESS, this course is for you! Release the shackles and start to build your dream business. It’s time!
This powerful 8-week program is based on the book Jack of All Trades, Master of None? and features private coaching from Simone Kelly. This personalized business development program will keep you focused on a progressive transformation of your business and also help you gain a new sense of balance and joy from working solely on your passion!

You’ll get the knowledge, tools, insight, and confidence to lead your company and create extraordinary results.

Who Should Sign Up:
-Anyone who has a full-time job and a side business and wants OUT of Corporate America!
-An entrepreneur who continues to seek new business opportunities, instead of capitalizing on the ones they already have.
-Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with their business and not sure of what to do next.
-Someone who needs help in managing various projects, but thinks they can’t afford to hire anyone.

How You Will Benefit:
-Transform your vision and begin doing something you LOVE, which is aligned with your goal, and is not just a JOB.
-Learn how to think like a marketer…even if you don’t have a business background.
-Master the art of relationship building.
-Design ways to increase your productivity by incorporating “Me Time” rituals.
-Learn the value of duplicating yourself by building and effectively managing a volunteer or commission-based team.
-Unleash your creative spirit and use it to promote your business.

What You’ll Learn:
Session 1: Diggin’ Deep
We will focus on your goals, core values, and fine-tune what you want to accomplish with your professional life. Diggin’ Deep allows you to look into your future and develop the story that you will transform into a reality. This session will help you reflect, re-energize and refocus!

Session 2: Are You a Jack?
We’ll discuss the main areas you excel in and design your business around it. In this session, you’ll learn how to focus on your core strengths and get rid of the excess. You will begin to sculpt a new mission statement for your company and we’ll lay the groundwork to get it to the next stage.

Session 3: Develop YOUR System
We will work on how to best design your company’s weekly, daily, and monthly procedures so that it runs smoothly and consistently. Observe and monitor your business’ progress as you communicate a clearer vision to your team and implement new systems that address your business frustrations.

Session 4: Have Them Remember You!
Understand the push buttons of your target audience and design new ways to be remembered with innovative strategies.

Session 5: Fine-Tune Your Customer Retention
Learn the effective techniques for customer service, feedback and following up with clients.

Session 6: Create Your Power Team!
Create a Power House Team! Team Building is all about picking the right people! Develop some low-cost creative ways to build your staff and how to keep them. Learn the value of duplicating yourself by building and effectively managing an intern or volunteer based team.

Session 7: Create Your Own Mini-Marketing Plan
Develop a short marketing plan to roll out the newest strategies that you have learned in prior sessions. We’ll design a six-month timeline together.

Session 8: Gots To Have Vision!
In this last session you will develop your vision even further and begin to evaluate your progress. We’ll also do the assessment you did in the beginning of the workshop to see how far you’ve come in the past 8 weeks. The goal is to keep you on the path that you’ve started and to encourage you to continue on the path of growth and development.


Full plan: Pay in full and save over $353! Normally $1200

Buy now for $847

Installment plan: (SAVE $300!)

One on One weekly calls for 8 Weeks: Deposit $149 to get started, then every two weeks (3 payments of $250)

Buy now with $149 Deposit

Online Course: is a One-time tuition payment of ONLY $149.

You’ll get the course via email each week and must submit homework each week. You’ll have a weekly 20 minute question and answer group call with Coach Simone Kelly as well!

Buy now for only $149! That’s only $18.62 a week!

Have questions? Call us TODAY to ENROLL for the 8 Weeks to CEO Course at 877-545-7352. For more reviews on what clients had to say about their experience with us, please check out our success stories page.

Author's Bio: 

Certified Law of Attraction Master Life Coach & Holistic Business Coach, Simone Kelly is the passionate visionary behind Own Your Power Communications. She encourages you to own your business and pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check out the Own Your Power community out and connect with like-minds here: http://www.ownyourpower.ning.com