The former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Anan once said “When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately; families are healthier and better fed; their income savings and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is also of communities and, in the long run, of whole countries.”

Here are eight reasons why women make great entrepreneurs:

Women are collaborative- Ever since women were given an opportunity to enter the business world, they have proven to work well with both sexes and thus creating workplace environment where employee morale is always at its peak.

Women are good at multitasking- Women can successfully manage multiple roles all at once. They can be wives, mothers and chief executive officers without causing strain in other areas of life.

Women have good communication skills- Women are strong at initiating conversations. The benefits of this strength for business women is that they can build effective employee teams, understand customers’ needs better and attract new customers easily.

Women hold innate qualities that make them socially relevant-Women can spot a need and device means to meet that need. They know how to provide care for the vulnerable and children in dire circumstances. Women become great entrepreneurs because they willingly share their success.

Women calculate risks carefully- Because women opt for low-risk business opportunities they avoid costly mistakes. Researchers have found that because women are willing to take businesses with lower risks they have a high rate of success in entrepreneurship.

Women have great listening skills- Women create room for collective intelligence.

Women connect easily-By leveraging their connections, women can easily create networks that can help their businesses to improve and increase in profit.

Women strive for high standards- Because they want to prove they are great in business; women tend to uphold high standards in business conduct. Their work is free from mediocre efforts, illicit and shabby deeds.

Women are not controlled by money- Women value building families and friendships more than building wealth. Having a satisfactory life outside of work, fuel the commitment women give to their companies.

Not all women may possess all of the above qualities, but women who have or apply these qualities in business become great entrepreneurs. These reasons of why women make great entrepreneurs are not to advocate sexism, but to invoke women to believe that they hold innate abilities to run any type of business successfully.

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Debra Kasowski is a transformational speaker, author, and success coach. Debra is also the Founder/CEO of The Millionaire Woman Club. Debra Kasowski is best-selling co-author of GPS Your Best Life: Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style and soon to be released author of The Entrepreneurial Mom's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love (Spring 2013). Get you Free Mp3 Download of the 7 Resolutionary Breakthroughs to Profit and Prosper by Taking Charge of Your Business and Your Life when you sign up for her ezine