The weddings of your favorite movie and TV characters are some of the most beautiful moments in the plot, right? But it is not a good idea to be inspired by their experience in preparation for your celebration. And that's why.

Myth 1. You can prepare for a wedding in a few days
Preparing for a wedding is not only trying on dresses and tasting dishes, it is a long process that includes choosing contractors, searching for a venue, and many organizational details. All these details rarely come to the fore in the plot of the series: as a rule, after the engagement, the heroes discuss the upcoming celebration for several episodes, and then we see the luxurious embodiment of their fantasies. In fact, all this is very far from reality: according to statistics, couples, on average, start preparing 6-8 months before the wedding and devote much more time to it.

Myth 2. In a wedding, everything is decided by the organizer
Remember wedding planner Frank Eggelhoffer from the wonderful Father of the Bride movie? He was extremely persistent and took little interest in the opinion of the newlyweds. In fact, such organizers are the exception to the rule.

Imposing your own vision of what a wedding should be is a sign of unprofessionalism on the part of a wedding contractor. A good organizer listens to a couple and does everything to make their dream come true while remaining in the shadows. But he cannot choose the best wedding photographer, videographer, decor, etc. for you.

Myth 3. A wedding planner's job is to be a holiday fairy
One of the most popular wedding films, The Wedding Planner, shows only a small part of the work the organizer does for you. Therefore, you may get the impression that you do not need to contact the agency at all - after all, you yourself will cope with the choice of the site and the selection of the menu. But the job of a professional organizer includes a lot of details that you don't even know about! Don't underestimate his contribution to your holiday. And, of course, no professional organizer will flirt with the groom.

Myth 4. The bride must be in a white dress
Try to remember at least one TV series in which the bride at the wedding appeared in a bold manner. Not an easy task. Most often on the screen, we see a classic picture: a magnificent ceremony, classic images of the bride and groom, a traditional banquet after ...

And even when the wedding is not going according to plan or the couple is having an escape wedding, the bride still does not deviate from tradition when choosing an outfit. But bridal fashion does not stand still: the range of bridal salons is now greater than ever. Choose the color and style of the dress, to which the soul lies, and not the one that supposedly should be worn by all brides.

Myth 5. A wedding should be luxurious and spectacular
What a celebration at Crazy Rich Asians is worth! But luxury and entertainment is an element of cinema, and not at all a prerequisite for the celebration of your love. In real life, intimate and cozy weddings with minimalistic decor are in trend, and not at all pompous events, the main goal of which is to amaze all guests with expensive decor and entertainment.

Do not think that if your budget is far from Hollywood, you may not even dream of a beautiful wedding.

Myth 6. The bride turns into a monster during preparation
Bride Wars is a great comedy to watch with your girlfriends at a bachelorette party, but don't take it too seriously: it's more of a collection of anti-tips for any bride. In fact, you will not quarrel with the groom over the little things and go crazy over the wedding dress. In real life, wedding preparation is not at all similar to what happens in the film: it has much less stress and nerves and so many cool moments! Therefore, learn to enjoy the preparation, because this is also part of the holiday!

Myth 7. You should fly on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding
Immediately after the twilight heroes Bella and Edward exchange vows in a magical forest ceremony, they go on their honeymoon. But real couples are increasingly postponing travel for several days or weeks in order to calmly finish everything after the wedding and get ready for vacation without unnecessary rush.

In fact, flying away on your honeymoon on your wedding day is more stress and organizational complexity than romance, so take your time to repeat the script of your favorite movie and allow yourself to enjoy your new status as a wife in a relaxed atmosphere.

Myth 8. Everything goes wrong at a wedding.
Remember the wedding of Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother: when the bride is getting ready, she is informed that the florist will not arrive until the beginning of the ceremony. This is a real disaster for a real wedding! But in ordinary life, such force majeure is an extremely rare exception. Of course, something may not go according to plan, because you cannot control everything up to the weather and the behavior of guests who allow themselves to drink too much.

But, as a rule, all the little things can be solved and you won't even know about many force majeure events if you have a professional team of contractors! And by the way, the story of Lily and Marshall confirms that any troubles do not matter at all, because the main thing on this day is that you are marrying your loved one!

Decide what services you need. If you are planning a chamber celebration in the circle of your relatives and are happy to develop the style and program of the holiday yourself, use the services of a wedding coordinator on the day of the celebration, who will control the timing and help solve organizational issues.

And if you are planning a large reception for a hundred guests, you cannot do without the help of a professional organizer during the preparation. He will help you find contractors, decide on the style and choose a suitable site, as well as control the budget and help you in solving many other problems.

Decide on the theme and style of the celebration. Most couples choose summer for their celebration, while in late autumn, winter or early spring, you can also arrange an unforgettable celebration! For example, a cozy holiday for a narrow circle of friends in a country house can be spent in a snowy winter, basking by the fireplace, and when, if not in March, you can collect a bridal bouquet from lilies of the valley!

An off-season wedding is also a great way to save money because many contractors offer discounts on their services at this time. When choosing the date of the celebration, consider also the possibility of holding the celebration on a weekday or Sunday. Firstly, it will help to save on renting a site, and secondly, if there is little time left for preparation, you will have the opportunity to find unoccupied contractors.

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