With an endless invasion of new smartphones going on the market, you are definitely enticed enough to buy a new one. The temptation for a new phone is always strong. You cannot just resist the new updates and body design that the manufacturer has to offer.

But, what about your old smartphones? You must have given a thought to sell used mobile phone of yours online or to some local vendor.

But, selling a used phone is not that simple. You need to take some measures before giving up your phone for sale or donation.

Here is a list of those things that you should consider doing before selling your phone.

1. Backup Your Data

When you are trading your old mobile phone, you should completely wipe out the entire data from it and keep its backup in a storage device or transfer it to the new phone. Save the backup of all your data starting from contacts, photos, calendar entries, web browser bookmarks and various other things. The Android, iOS or the Windows phone give this facility to backup your data in the easiest of ways. If you have any Android account, you can easily log out and shift your info to Google account. Remember to log out of all your accounts or the person might peek or hack it. Backup of your premium apps is also important so that you can install them later on your new cellphone.

2. Enable Data Encryption

Where to sell my phone for best price? Is this the thought swirling your mind? Before you begin your search, make sure to erase all the confidential data. But, if you are not much sure about your backup process, encrypt your data so that the next user cannot make any unauthorized access to your accounts. They will need a password to decrypt this.

What more? You can encrypt your SD card as well if you want to sell it along with your phone.

3. Do not Give Away the SIM

It is the most common mistake people make when they give away their phones. They forget to take the SIM out of the slot. In a hurry to make a good sale, they accidentally lose their SIM in the process. Your SIM cards hold a lot of information regarding your contacts. Since you don’t want any stranger to use your data, remove the SIM in advance.

4. Make any Repair if Necessary

You cannot just give a shattered screen when you want to sell used mobile phone. You might not even find a suitable buyer with such condition. Therefore, it is better to get all your repairs done beforehand if you want to get a good price on your handset.

Though the buyer knows it to be a second-hand piece, you can not give him a broken phone which he cannot use at all.

5. Find the Original Box and Accessories

When you want to sell your smartphone for the best price, you need to complement the packaging of the phone with its box and other related accessories. Hunt down your box and pile it up with the charger, earphones, and manuals. This will make a difference when your buyer will see how prepared you are with the sale of your smartphone.

6. Add Some Accessories of Your Own

If you are able to find any relative accessory that your phone originally possessed or if you want your buyer to get instantly attracted to your offer, then add some extra trimmings to it. You can offer a phone cover, power bank, data cable, screen guards or collapsible grip with your phone. These will definitely add more charm to your sale.

7. Check the Worth of Your Phone

Every used phone has a different price attached to it. Obviously, a boxed phone with all the original accessories will get a higher rate for you. But, you need to search the potential market price of your phone before selling.

A direct sale or sale to companies shells out different prices for your device. Thus, research and find the best possible price on your phone.

8. Choose the Perfect Platform to Sell

There are different ways in which you can sell your used mobile phone. You can sell it directly to the buyer through an online marketplace, trade it in for a credit and give it to the company. The online marketplace is like a hot potato. Everybody likes it way much better than any other platform. You just need to be specific about your details, give an amazing offer and display your phone’s condition to the buyer with appropriate photos.

Another option lies by trading in your smartphone to the appropriate vendors. Just pack your phone and ship them to the vendor.

Keep in mind all these considerations and get your phone prepared for sale. Make a factory reset before doing this. Check your phone, get its memory cleaned and give it up for sale.

Author's Bio: 

Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator loves to write about Business, Technology, Life Style & Digital Marketing.