A practice in wherein a substance is burned and the resulting smoke is breathed in and absorbed into the bloodstream is called smoking. One of the most common substances used is the dried leaves of tobacco. Tobacco smoking is the basically the practice of smoking and inhaling tobacco smoke. People who have been addicted to smoking have often found it very difficult to quit tobacco or smoking!
Here are 8 steps that can help you get out of it if followed religiously.
• Fix a date to quit and abide by it.
• Get rid of all the cigarettes under your possession along with lighters and ashtrays. Keeping any of these items in your possession will keep on creating an urge within you.
• Note down all the disadvantages of smoking and train your brain to fight against it.
• Once quitted, avoid smoking at any cost.
• Use NRT products like a nicotine patch, nicotine chewing gums or nose spray. It won’t be easy to quit smoking and you might have cravings. Using NRT will help you overcome it slowly but steadily.
• Avoid passing by smoking zones or inhaling tobacco smoke and request your friends to support your cause by asking them to not smoke in your presence. Decline all offers of smoking politely but firmly.
• Start exercising, doing yoga or even going for walks. This will help you freshen your mind. Cravings increase over a period. As time passes these urges with diminish.
• Constantly keep reminding yourself that getting used to life without tobacco can be time-consuming and often requires several attempts.
This might not be the best way to quit smoking but is one of the most effective ways. You need to motivate your mind and the body will follow!

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