Now that you’re ready to test out your new skills and new materials, it’s time to get to starting your own sewing projects! Before jumping into the
complicated stuff, best try your hand at smaller DIY sewing projects, like the ones below!

DIY Sewing Projects to Practice Your Skills On

1. Sunglasses Pouch

It’s summer and a visit to the beach is a must. Along with your towel, swimsuit and sunscreen, you’re going to have to bring your sunglasses for a perfect Instagram post. Avoid having scratches on your pair with your own DIY sunglass pouch with some fabric, strings and some patience!

2. Boxer Shorts

A little something for the men in your life. Boxer shorts can be quite expensive when bought from a store, so why buy when you can just sew? Boxer shorts can be a comfortable garment to wear during summers or even when just lounging around the house. With a few yards of fabric, old boxer shorts and your trusty sewing kits – you’re good to go!

3. Coasters

Coasters are one of those household items that can easily be misplaced. So why keep on buying them when you can just create and customize your own? This project requires only a few patches of fabric, you can even use some excess from your other projects! See, it’s easy and it’s cheap!

4. Tote Bag

Tote bags are all the rage nowadays! They’re handy, roomy and most of all, easy to create on your own. With all the upcoming trips to the beach, it’s best to keep your stuff organized and easy to lug around with your own tote bag. Grab your favorite fabric patterns and get to sewing!

5. Fabric Headbands

Hair is considered a person’s crowning glory, so it just makes sense to have a crown right? Make your own fabric headbands with any pattern or fabric you choose with an easy DIY step-by-step tutorial!

6. Flowy Kimono

A garment both perfect as a cover-up for your swimsuit and something to complement that dress you just bought, a flowy kimono is a must-have for every fashionista’s wardrobe. Grab your lightest fabric, your sewing kit, measuring tape and you’re good to go.

7. Laptop Case

A laptop is an investment and it’s always a good idea to protect one’s investment, right? To do so, you could buy expensive, drab and mass produced laptop cases and sleeves from stores or you could make your own. Customize it to your laptop’s size and your personality, and who knows? Maybe you can sell it to someone else too!

8. Pencil Case

Whether you’re a student, an artist or someone who just owns a lot of writing materials, a pencil case is a perfect project for you! Whip out and polish your basic sewing skills with this project and challenge yourself by adding a zipper!


Sewing can be a time-consuming hobby. Getting the basics down may be challenging, as well as the investment involved when gathering materials like threads, sewing machine and needles. However, sewing is definitely a worth-while hobby with all the DIY sewing projects you could do. Not every hobby can end up producing a tangible end product after all, right? Now, get to sewing!

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur