Stay away from excessive extras. Try not to use extras such as page counters, blinking or flashing text and unneeded background music. Page counters can interfere with the overall design of your website while flashing text has become a thing of the past. If you find the need to know how many people have been visiting your site, your server host should be able to offer statistics or you always have the option of utilizing Google analytics to track the site visitors on your own.

If your website is not geared around and industry that requires it-many find it best to stay away from background music. Music files are “weighty” files and can take considerable time to download.

Make Sure Your Page Titles Make Sense

One of the most important characteristics of business website development are the web pages and their titles. Be sure to detail the page's title as it emerges in the top title bar of the browsers and in the results of search engines. Simply put, remember that that the title to the pages on your website should be relevant to what the page entails.

Keep Your Web Pages Consistent & Create a Good Layout

Every page on your website should have a similar structure, for example, if your navigation page is on the left hand side of your home page, don’t move it to a different location on another page. Also, when creating your navigation system opting to use a standard style is best. The logo, graphics, navigation menu and content are three of the most important elements of a website layout. Normally the logo will appear at the top of every web page in order to enhance the brand image of your company while offering credibility and consistency. Visitors expect consistency and ease of use on websites that they visit so keep how you develop your pages in mind whether you design the website yourself or hire a professional website development team.

Make Your Web Pages Compatible for Various Resolutions

While many computers now have the capability of displaying higher resolutions, you may receive web visitors that can display only a maximum of 800x600 resolution. If a person who does not have the computer capacity to view a higher resolution such as 1024x748, then they will have to scroll in order to view the page properly. A website development company can give you advice on the best resolution for your website depending on the purpose and overall goals of your company.

Stay Limited on Automatically Re-Directing Visitors

If you find the need to send a web visitor to another page it is best to create links that can offer a bit of information on the location of where they are being redirected. Automatically re-directing visitors can be confusing and create issues with search engine ranking. An automatic re-direct should only be utilized under special situations.

Pick a Good Domain Name or .org is one of the most important marketing tools you will have when you build your website. While .com is viewed as the most popular domain, others such as .net and .info can also work well depending on the nature of your site. For example many non-profits use .org as their domain while more self personalized websites may opt for .biz or .us. Whatever type of domain name you select it is important to incorporate keywords into it. Incorporating keywords can boost search engine rankings and optimize the overall results of your website. A website content development professional can gear you towards a domain name that will match what your business conveys.

Integrating Sales Capabilities

If you have products or services on your site that you want to sell immediately you can make the process simple by adding features on your website where visitors can pay with credit cards directly online. You can use third party companies such as PayPal or Money bookers so you won’t have direct access to any customer’s financial information.

Choose A Good Hosting Company

There are a lot of hosting options available to small, medium and large sized companies and it is extremely important to understand the needs of your site before you select one. The type of hosting company you will need depends on the amount of space and bandwidth required. Other factors that should be included in deciding what type of hosting company you should use are the type of traffic you plan on attracting; and feature such as large graphics, big files and ecommerce catalogues.

Also if you anticipate running any databases or custom scripts the hosting server you select will have to support scripting such as CGI or ASP and PHP.
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