Using an article submission service is one of the best ways to get high authority to your site. One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization, article submission can help your site benefit in the following ranks:

1. High rankings in search engines: If you submit your article to very good do-follow article directories with high Page Rank, you get back links from these powerful PR sites. Such kind of link juice is indeed beneficial and the amount of back links that you get from these article directories can help your site achieve high rankings in Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc.

2. High traffic: Submission of articles to noteworthy article directories will help you benefit from high traffic. These sites have heavy readership and a lot of readers who come in to read articles of their interest. If you are able to cover many article directories and post them through submission to relevant niche categories, your well-written article will get high presence on these directories. This means they will be read by a lot of people, which in turn, increases the chances of people clicking on to your site link, concealed in the form of anchor text.

4. Time saving and cost-effective: One of the most important reasons to choose article submission is that it can save a lot of time and money. If you are a site that does not have authority or Page Rank, it can be quite tough to get high search engine placements. But if you use the article directory or use a submission that can send your article to the top article directories, a lot of time is saved and in addition, you can see results in a week's time or less rather than wait for months to find your site moving up the rank.

5. More conversions: If you write an article and post it to an article directory, you are going to attract maximum eye balls. This means more likelihood of people to click the website link that you put at the bottom of the article to find more about your site. IF they do like your site, they will buy a product or two, and even become your recurrent, permanent customers. Many people have become permanent subscribers of a website or blog due to engaging articles being posted in article directories.

6. High quality back links: Not only do you get back links that matter, but these links are also high quality ones. If you get high quality links form powerful article directories, Google takes your site more seriously which means more authority and credibility to your site.

6. Removes the need to go for prohibited practices: People often buy traffic, participate in link exchange programs and do reciprocal link exchanges; all of these activities if seen, can be banned by Google. Instead of putting so much money and seeing your efforts going down the drain, it is better to go for article submission service which is much more effective, safer and yes, approved by Google and other search engines.

7. Exponential growth: If people like the article that you posted in the article directory, they may include a part of it in their blog posts and give link to your website as a source. This leads to exponential growth of back links and traffic to your website or blog.

8. A fantastic networking platform: People who constantly submit in article directories become well-known in their community, in due course. This can lead to enriching business opportunities and lucrative assignments and offers that can come your way.

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