There are so many reasons to become a coach I hesitate to write about just seven. As a Coach and Coach Trainer I see dreams made real on a daily basis and this is just the start. Here are my top 7 reasons to become a coach:

1. Personal Development: Through the process of becoming a coach you have an opportunity to develop yourself beyond your wildest imagination. Many students graduate from coach training completely rejuvenated with a new zest for life.

2. Tools for Life: Through the coach certification programs at you gain invaluable tools to catalyze and change your life and the lives of others.

3. Personal Empowerment: Having the wisdom and knowledge to do what a coach does is personally empowering. Helping others to see new perspectives, grow and take charge of the life they really want is even more so.

4. The People: Since work occupies so much of our day it is important that we enjoy our colleagues and our clients. The people I have met along the way through my coach training and practice development have been some of the most positive, driven and intelligent people I have ever encountered.

5. Positive Energy: Seeing others through to a clear vision and happiness is inspiring. The positive momentum that results is amazing and contagious. It is always nice to know that the positive vibration you create with your client will also affect others in their lives.

6. Freedom: Becoming a coach gives you the freedom to work for yourself. You decide how much or how little you wish to work and what your schedule will look like. Many coaches meet with their clients three times per month therefore giving themselves one week off per month. Coaches know the value taking time off. We lead by example.

7. Unlimited Potential: The coaching industry is still fairly new so there are abundant opportunities for multiple streams of income. Creating eBooks, group coaching, seminars, and workshops are just a few.

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Ally Wieser is a well-known Personal Development Expert & Coach Trainer who owns and operates World Coach Institute, a popular coach training school, as well as Ally Wieser International Coaching Services.

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