Conference call is one of the effective mediums for communication at par with the clients and other professionals.

There are many companies have their own conference call facilities to deal with their foreign clients or local clients. Some major projects also need conference calls among the planning and execution department to know the status of the projects as well as solve the technical difficulties.

Here are the tips to manage conference call effectively:

1. The first things you remember is use the good tools for the communication. Never use the local communication devices like cell phone or landline for conference call.

2. You must have to test your equipments before conference call. Some time during the conference call the instrument have disturbing with strange noises and services get stop between.

3. Select the conference room or special cabin for conference call facilities. Make sure that during the conference call no incoming call either from local line or from mobile phone could not get disturb.

4. Set the speakerphones in properly. Check the button of the speakerphone and volume switch too.

5. If you make conference call by VoIP or messengers than you must ensure the Internet connectivity should be kept properly. You must have to check the speed of the Internet connection.

6. You must have to prepare a note of your discussion with the party and therefore you key in and send it to your party so he keeps the records of the discussion.

7. If you are dealing with the old client than you must give short description about yourself and start communication with the party. You must talk in brief and to the point. It is one of the effective methods of conference call.

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