I like to continually challenge myself to grow. To do so, I find it very beneficial to not allow myself to get “stuck” in the same thought patterns. For that reason, this Think Different Challenge instantly attracted my attention.

If I find that I am perplexed about a given situation, then I will take on a questioning stance. I ask myself “What if this?” and “What if that?” I explore the situation and try to discern a deeper meaning. I attempt to see a higher purpose for my confusion. What if there is a hidden profound meaning in the seemingly impending gloom?

Here I am, an educator, a public speaker and facilitator – and I have laryngitis. I cannot speak and speaking is what I do. So, I wrote to my close friend for advice and venting:

“What does it mean when a speaker can’t speak? Is there something hidden in me that wants to break free? Should I attempt to clear my communication channels through the use of self-Reiki? Maybe I should ask my spirit guides for assistance. Have I lost my voice because I am speaking on the wrong topics? Am I afraid of success? Can you help me to understand why I have fallen ill? Am I inadvertently sabotaging my own desires and wishes? Please help!”

My down-to-earth friend responded just as I needed her to. She stated simply:

“You are ill because you are a human and sometimes that happens.”

I am a human. Wow! That resonated deeply within me. Maybe finding our divine purpose is as simple as recognizing that we are human. Hmm, can it be so simplistic?

We sometimes forget that living is a moment-by-moment endeavor. Sometimes we get lost in trying too hard to figure everything out. Sometimes we get sick and can’t perform in the way that we need to. Sometimes we just get run down. Sometimes we just catch a bug.

Well, I am still sick. I still can’t speak. I have been in bed for a few days now resting and just taking care of myself. I am allowed to be sick. I am allowed to be human. I am living in my human state and therefore experiencing my divine purpose. I learned a lot from this and came up with these seven questions to ask yourself the next time that you may fall ill:

1) Am I overtaxed physically?
2) Is my body telling me something that I need to know?
3) If this illness were my friend, what would it be saying to me?
4) What is the best thing for me right now?
5) What would I advise my friend to do if he/she were to have this same illness?
6) Could this illness be for my own good?
7) What can I do to find joy right now?

Sometimes we need to look at seemingly adverse situations from a positive light. Not everything that seems negative is. It is all in your personal perception. You can find advantages in every situation – even illness. Just because you are not able to act upon your first impulse doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no goodness or joy to be gained.

Change your thoughts and change your life!

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Michelle is a Conscious Business, Holistic Marketing coach and Life Purpose Facilitator. Find out more at www.DivinePurposeUnleashed.com or download her book at consciousdestiny.com/book/