Many companies big and small purchase used generators instead of new ones. It is a cost-effective method of buying a high quality generator. Before any purchase is made it is important to know which kind of generator would be most suitable. Available today are many kinds of power generators diesel, natural gas, electric, propane, and so on. According to experts in the generator business when buying a used generator the most important factors to consider are:

1. The age and usage of the generator. Know how many hours the generator has run , its age and history. Most generator engines have an in built odometer.

2. Ask whether it was used continuously to generate power or was a stand buy generator. As a rule, standby generators that are used for power back ups are better maintained than generators in continuous use.

3. Be sure to determine the manufacturer of the generator as well as its model. This will enable you to check on reliability and reputation. Try and get a used generator manufactured by a reputable and trusted manufacturer like caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Onan, Kohler, and so on. Buy a unit that is of high-quality and has a long running history.

4. Make sure you gather information on the generators maintenance. As to see maintenance records. Also judge how much the user knows about maintenance needs and repair.

5. Always do a personal inspection. This means a visual inspection, checking for worn out parts, checking of wiring and welding, load test and so on.

6. Used industrial generators should never be bought form just about anyone. It is best to depend on a reputable broker or dealer to find you a used generator. Used generators need maintenance and testing by certified technicians. Choose a broker or dealer who has a solid reputation and has been in the business for many years.

7. Ask about limited warranties and guarantees.

Buying a used generator can be a saving of 25-50%. If the generator is remanufactured that is it has been completely overhauled the buyer will get a limited guarantee on the generator. Always be the informed buyer and go for the inspection armed with information and questions to ask. Buy a used generator online or offline but from a reputed person. Make sure the generator fits you needs determine clearly which kind of generator and which capacity will be ideal for you.

Once the generator is bought and installed do a trial run. Ensure that people responsible for the efficient running of the generator receive training. Establish a periodic starting schedule and ensure that electric contacts are kept clean and bearings are lubricated. Put in place a maintenance schedule for the machinery. If you care for it the used generator will give you long years of trouble free service.

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